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Hospital for Antennas – Our second IoT M2M out-patient – cellular stubby antenna

Stubby cellular antenna with right angle SMA

Our second patient has a name as well. The manufacturers have called it the cellular stubby antenna. Further details about the second mobile antenna patient are given in the test below. Here are the medical records of the cellular stubby antenna: Frequency bands: GSM 850/900 MHz, GSM 1800 / 1900 MHz, UMTS 2100 Frequency range: […]

Feedback from the IoT Meetup in Munich

Antennas – The key for success in your IoT / M2M application

The topic on this evening was “Wireless Technologies for IoT – Antennas and Beacons”. Thanks to all participants. If I am informed right then 75 out of 148 people with interest in IoT stayed and listened on this evening. Thank you for all the interesting meetings during the event. Nevertheless, I already got several […]

Kostenfreie Schulung zu Wearables & Internet of Things

Cisco spricht von Geräten im Internet der Dinge bis 2020. Wie groß wird Ihr Stück aus dem großen, digitalen Kuchen? Mit welchen Funktechniken erreichen Sie ihr Ziel? Diese Schulung hat den Fokus auf Bluetooth Low Energy und 6LoWPAN. Es wird aufgezeigt, wie jeder ein eigenes, kleines, preiswertes, drahtloses “Ding” bauen kann. Kunden, welche vorab […]

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