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Kostenfreie Schulung zu Wearables & Internet of Things

Cisco spricht von Geräten im Internet der Dinge bis 2020. Wie groß wird Ihr Stück aus dem großen, digitalen Kuchen? Mit welchen Funktechniken erreichen Sie ihr Ziel? Diese Schulung hat den Fokus auf Bluetooth Low Energy und 6LoWPAN. Es wird aufgezeigt, wie jeder ein eigenes, kleines, preiswertes, drahtloses “Ding” bauen kann. Kunden, welche vorab […]

6LoWPAN test setup

Test of 6LoWPAN in a city In the first step you need an 6LoWPAN evaluation kit with its two main and RF adapter boards and sensors plus one USB dongle. The USB dongle you connect to your laptop. The source code of the main boards will run as node and router in same time. In […]

6LoWPAN evaluation kit

6LowPAN evaluation kit with 2 low power, RF transceiver boards on 868 or 915 MHz band 2 MCU boards with ARM Cortex M3 (STM32L) on main board Suitable for 6LoWPAN, wireless M-BUS and two proprietary stack Software development kit with documentation, STM32L firmware and GUI Debug connector, USB interface, SPI interface between MCU and RF […]

IoT and M2M – Meetup on 6th of May 2014 – Zurich

About IoT Meetup group in Zurich The Internet of Things is connecting us all. We should connect in person, in the real world, as well as digitally! This meetup group is for everyone who is interested in doing projects and publishing their data using IoT tools and platforms. I will talk 25 minutes about the […]

Apple veröffentlicht Spezifikationen zum iBeacon

Wer nun auch aus dem iBeacon, Wearable und IoT-Kuchen ein Stück schneiden möchte erhält die Gelegenheit: Bluetooth Low Energy Eval-Kit ca. Euro 110 Kostenfreier Quelltest zum Kit für div. Anwendungen (3 Achsen-Beschleunigung, Temperatur, Luftfeuchtigkeit, …) Kostenfreier Quelltext für die App auf iOS und Android Kostenfreie Gerberfiles und Schaltbild des Kits im Download Preiswertes Anpassnetzwerk (7 […]

Does ZigBee have a chance for a second life against ARM with its 6LoWPAN ?

ZigBee has interoperability problems. Two software layers called ZigBee profiles developed by two different companies can create profiles that interfere with different versions of ZigBee profiles. Worst case two devices that have ZigBee chips might not interoperate. And even two of the same chips can’t communicate to each other if the run different profiles like […]

Wireless M2M training for free: Sep 25-27, Berlin, Germany

Developers can get up to 3 days trainings on Wireless M2M free of charge. Other companies have to charge Euro 750 per day for such an event. These lessons are for free. The snacks, lunch and the drinks are free as well. Take the chance to listen in day time and to enjoy Berlin at […]

6LoWPAN Bluetooth Low Energy

Out of 6LoWPAN mailing list In April, we adopted the Bluetooth Low Energy draft as a working group document, which since has seen four revisions.  The authors now believe that this document is ready for last-call, and I haven’t heard otherwise from the WG. We now start the Working Group Last Call on: http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-6lowpan-btle-04 Once […]