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What is akorIoT?

akorIoT Micro & Nano was worlds first NB-IoT adapter with the freedom to select other cellular radios out of a range of modules without a SIM lock. You can also select any MCU kit with an Arduino compatible R3  or Nano expansion slot.  “akor” is the Proto-Celtic word for “open” akorIoT was the world’s first […]

Flowchart for embedded antenna selection

Flow chart for embedded antenna selection

Internal knowledge about integrated antennas If the knowledge about integrated antennas is missing, then we recommend an external consultant on the topic of antennas who advises neutrally on the selection of the antenna. In the context of my work as a Sales Director, this basic consulting can usually be done free of charge. A consultation […]

NB-IoT troughput – table

NB-IoT troughout - table

NB-IoT has a very high throughput at the top end. At the lower end it is faster than other LPWA techniques. At LoRaWAN, Weightless and NB-IoT the distance and the data throughput also regulate the speed. In this lecture we will only consider NB-IoT due to the limited talk time. At first glance, the table […]

LPWAN antenna designs, testing and consulting – NB-IoT, LTE-M, LTE, GSM, GPS, LoRa, SIGFOX

Antenna reference customers 1

Slide 7, 8 and 9 from our lecture “Self Made Embedded Antenna Design versus Chip Antenna” The following applications are representative of those adopted by many of our satisfied customers. We are not yet authorized to show some of them, but we will reveal more details in due course, and many applications will become public […]

IoT2Learn – world’s first NB-IoT Xmas party incl. NB-IoT seminar

iot2Learn agenda

On Dec. 12, the world’s first NB-IoT Christmas party with integrated NB-IoT seminar will take place in Tilburg in the Netherlands. Agenda (PDF): IoT2Learn-agenda-hotel-arrival IoT2Learn at a glance NB-IoT SIM cards to test for the guests on the day before the seminar Surveying of your antennas free of charge after arrangement on return loss […]

The good comes again to the end – Worldwide first NB-IoT Xmas Party, Wireless Congress and Electronica


In the last quarter of this year, there will be a few more highlights. Electronica Electronica will be in Munich from November 13 to 16. Take a look at Tekmodul at booth C3.148. Once again, there will be a fireworks spectacle of radio news. I have the first German long-term tracker akorIoT SensPRO with multiband […]

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