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akorIoT SensPRO – reference design for NB-IoT and LTE-M

akorIoT-SensPRO top view

akorIoT is an artificial word from “akor” and “IoT“. “Akor” is the ancient Celtic word for “open”. The goal of akorIoT SensPRO was to create an open platform similar to the idea of an PLC. As with a PLC the programmability, the storage of the program in the memory and the execution of the program […]

BG95 / BG77 antenna selection and antenna matching

LPWA frequencies in comparison

In order to save development and approval costs, the antenna, frequency bands, ground plane size and housing should be carefully designed at the beginning of development. If the company lacks in-house experience with radio, antennas and worldwide approval, we recommend consulting an external consultant. The following text is intended to make you think. I use […]

Antenna Return Loss by VNA

Antenna Return Loss by VNA

The upper left graph illustrates the measurement of a filter with two ports at the Vector Network Analyser (VNA). Port 1 is feeding the device under test and is measuring the reflection. Port 2 is measuring the received energy. The lower right graph is showing a typical return loss measurement of an antenna. Has this […]

Antenna gain and beam angle

Antenna gain and beam angle

Parameters of antennas In addition to the mechanical dimensions and the type of connection, data sheets for antennas specify various electrical and physical parameters. 1. Antenna gain The antenna gain is a relative quantity that refers to a reference antenna. The reference value is the receiving field strength of the selected antenna in receiving direction […]

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