The LPWAN game changer – 1 Euro per SIM card and year

1 Euro per SIM and year

The Germans are the masters of long words and long sentences with the verb at the end (frustrating simultaneous translators the world over). German datasheets are 30% longer, or in a font size so small they are hard to read.  But, Germans are capable of short stories as well. To cut a long story short, […]

Low ESR capacitors for GSM application – The good, the bad and the ugly

Be aware that a GSM module will charge up to 2 Ampere peak current during 2 Watt TX power Take care that your power supply will be able to drive the current peaks. Have a look on  short PCB tracks in right width. And have a very close look on a capacitor with low impedance […]

Wünsch dir (was) ein M2M IoT Developer Kit

The translation to English will follow later Das Ziel des Projektes ist ein multifunktionales Kit zur Entwicklung von M2M IoT Applikationen auf Basis von Linux und Android. Im Prinzip ein Rasberry Pi für Erwachsene mit GSM-, HSPA- oder LTE-Modul. Im Gegensatz zum Rasberry Pi kommen nur Industriebauteile zum Einsatz, welche jeder dann in kleinesten Mengen […]

Wireless M2M training for free: Sep 25-27, Berlin, Germany

Developers can get up to 3 days trainings on Wireless M2M free of charge. Other companies have to charge Euro 750 per day for such an event. These lessons are for free. The snacks, lunch and the drinks are free as well. Take the chance to listen in day time and to enjoy Berlin at […]