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6LoWPAN Bluetooth Low Energy

Out of 6LoWPAN mailing list In April, we adopted the Bluetooth Low Energy draft as a working group document, which since has seen four revisions.  The authors now believe that this document is ready for last-call, and I haven’t heard otherwise from the WG. We now start the Working Group Last Call on: http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-6lowpan-btle-04 Once […]

6LoWPAN, Bluetooth LE, ANT+, GPRS, WIFI, DSL, IP ?

Router, nodes, … this came in today “Harald, the term “router” you are using, would also mean WiFi Access Point , would it not? and the topology here would be a star network, correct? with “router” as a star in this architecture. there is no interconnection between “nodes” , correct” Right now I am talking […]

Will Google’s 6LoWPAN marry Microsoft’s human antenna?

When will this big wedding come true? Microsoft showed that electromagnetic noise can be used to identify the position of a person in a room, what the person is doing, and even where a hand is placed on a wall. Microsoft’s vision is dimming the light. First applications could be game controllers. More about this […]

Licence free C compiliers to generate code for 6LoWPAN modules

Primary support will be given for Crossworks on ARM http://www.rowley.co.uk/arm/index.htm . Rowloy offers several 30 day licences, which can be extended. You will not buy a pig in a poke. USD 1500 Commercial License USD 300  Educational License USD 150 Personal License USD 150,- for a personal licence is not too expensive. The alternative are […]

6LoWPAN module on 868/915 MHz with IPsec security

The 6LoWPAN module enables secure low-power wireless IPv6 communication for sensors and small devices. It comes with user-programmable, royalty-free 6LoWPAN stack with mesh routing capability. 6LoWPAN is an Internet Engineering Task Force standard to develop wireless, low-power sensors and devices on IP communication. Your low-power network on 6LoWPAN can easily be integrated into an existing […]

Are you aware that IPv6 day is today? 6LoWPAN is riding on IPv6 too.

What’s actually going to happen? Who are these IPV6 users? And what could possibly go wrong? Connected planet gives answers to the five following questions: So what is actually going to happen tomorrow? Who are the IPV6 users? What could possibly go wrong? How should service providers respond to customer problems? What happens after World […]

6LoWPAN question: A Low power, what is it good for? Just a waste of time. Everything was already set.

This question came in this morning by comment to a previous post. We’ve been talking of the Internet-of-Things for years, but we forgot to inform our engineers how it will work. The website of the engineer who commented is showing medical applications. I am able to connect all their equipment to my WIFI network easily. […]