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Fachtag Medizintechnik und Funk“ – auch für Nicht-Medizintechniker

Auf vielfachen Kundenwunsch gibt es am 14. April ein Seminar „Medizintechnik und Funk“ – auch für Nicht-Medizintechniker. Auszug Agenda (Details mit Zeit und Ort im Anhang): Entwicklungsarbeit: Bespiele aus der Medizintechnik, seleon GmbH, Peter Hartung Funkmodule für die Medizintechnik: Update over the Air/Ortung der Geräte ohne GPS und mehr, Quectel Ltd., Edward Huang Kritische Punkte […]

First snow in 2010 – Santa Claus please help me with a Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy controlled robot to clean the sideway!

We all have access to the new integrated circuit that already comes with Bluetooth and a micro controller like the MD8710 The MD8710 was planned to be used in the healthcare sector for medical applications, but why not using it for my new smart home? As mentioned in an earlier blog post, we all will […]

Reference design for RFID temperature data logger

With  a data logger reference design based on the 64-Kbit Dual Interface EEPROM (M24LR64), a low power Microcontroller (STM8L101) and a digital temperature sensor (STTS75) you can develop your data logger quick and easy. It measures temperature, and offers an RF access to the data of the application thanks to the ISO15693 interface of the […]

Can you believe? RFID tranponder, EEPROM, temperature sensor, RTC, digital logic- all in one chip

This chip is real amazing, because it is all in one.  You just need an RFID antenna, what could be a PCB track and a battery. The rest will be done by the logic inside. If temperature logging is not enough, then you can add external sensors  interface. Right now there is a humunity sensor […]

Is this an EEPROM with RFID transponder or a RFID transponder with EEPROM?

The M24LR64 is an electrically-erasable memory (EEPROM) that can also be programmed wirelessly by industry standard RFID (radio-frequency ID) equipment. Using the M24LR64 for program or data storage provides extra flexibility for customers, allowing software updates or specific parameters to be applied in the supply chain. With an easy implementation based on two industry standard […]

Technical comparison of ANT, ZigBee and Bluetooth

Market name ANT ZigBee Bluetooth Standard Proprietary IEEE802.15.4 IEEE802.15.1 Application PANs and WSNs PANs and WSNs PANs Host resources (kByte) 2(0 with SensRcoreâ„¢) 100 250 Battery life (with coin-cell battery)§ 3+ years 4 to 6 months* 1 to 7 days* Max. network size (nodes) 2^32 2^64 7 Over the air transmission rate (kbit/s) 1000 250 […]