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HARdunio – Arduino footprint NB-IoT shield update

Arduino shield with NB-IoT module

We have extensively tested the HARduino board over the past few days. We have been testing the GSM version due to the lack of NB-IoT coverage in the region of our office in the North of Germany but both NB-IoT and GSM exhibit the same characteristics in the tests we carried out. The AT command set […]

World’s first free and open IoT out of the box with NB-IoT module with Arduino header


Many IoT / M2M Cookbook customers asked me for an evaluation kit within the last two years. I launched the first version during M2M Summit in September 2016. In February 2017 the multicellular version came true. The working name is HARduino because it has an Arduino R3 compatible UART interface. HARALD – ALD + duino […]

400 students have already enrolled at the IoT-University

Direction in LPWAN

The IoT-University was launched just one month ago. In just four weeks there are more than 400 students on the course. Students want to learn and to educate them we need more mentors who love to share; we have space for eight more to join us. If you have something to share, join us. Become […]

What is NB-IoT? Lesson 1

History of name for LTE-Cat-NB1 and LTE-Cat-M1

Fundamentally, there really is no such thing as “NB-IoT”. The correct term is “LTE-CAT-NB1”. This technology is sometimes confused with Cat-M, which is another misnomer. The correct name for “Cat-M” is LTE-Cat-M1. Both these technologies, LTE-Cat-NB1 and LTE-Cat-M1 are just subsets of “classic LTE” and are a part of the 3GPP Release 13 fixed in […]

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