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Is it possible to use iBeacons / BLE beacons for triangulation or BLE indoor localisation?

Please find another close the same messages or questions on BLE indoor localisation to me as below. I get the question again and again at least once a month. It is time for a block post on this topic. What is the recommended way to implement BLE beacons to perform indoor localisation? What is the […]

Feedback from the IoT Meetup in Munich

Antennas – The key for success in your IoT / M2M application

The topic on this evening was “Wireless Technologies for IoT – Antennas and Beacons”. Thanks to all participants. If I am informed right then 75 out of 148 people with interest in IoT stayed and listened on this evening. Thank you for all the interesting meetings during the event. Nevertheless, I already got several […]

Wireless Technologies for IoT – Antennas and Beacons – training free of charge

Bluetooth Low Energy-beacon / iBeacon

Kaufingerstraße 15, 80331 Munich, Germany (map) Donnerstag, 5. Febr 2015 19:00 Source of the text and free of charge registration In our first meetup in 2015 we will cover important wireless technologies for the “last mile” of IoT applications. We will learn how senders and receivers aka antennas and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices can […]

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