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HARdunio – Arduino footprint NB-IoT shield update

Arduino shield with NB-IoT module

We have extensively tested the HARduino board over the past few days. We have been testing the GSM version due to the lack of NB-IoT coverage in the region of our office in the North of Germany but both NB-IoT and GSM exhibit the same characteristics in the tests we carried out. The AT command set […]

World’s first Bluetooth Smart mouse and keyboard combo at CES

Nordic Semiconductor today demonstrates its upcoming mouse and keyboard combo reference design – the world’s first fully functional Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy) wireless mouse and keyboard combo. The reference design is based on Nordic’s market-leading μBlue nRF8001 and is set to take Bluetooth computer peripherals to the next level by delivering over a year […]

Android running on your uC Core? Can we use it for a smart home gateway?

The question as below reached me: “Is Android running on your uC Core? Please explain your solution. We are building smart home gateway right now on 32 bit processor with Android.” Smart home gateway proposal On the uC Core will run the Arduino SDK. Nevertheless, on the uC you can run several operating systems (e.g. […]

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