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World’s first free and open IoT out of the box with NB-IoT module with Arduino header


Many IoT / M2M Cookbook customers asked me for an evaluation kit within the last two years. I launched the first version during M2M Summit in September 2016. In February 2017 the multicellular version came true. The working name is HARduino because it has an Arduino R3 compatible UART interface. HARALD – ALD + duino […]

Which embedded LTE antenna to select for your LTE module?

LTE chip antenna - SMT

Embedded LTE antenna consideration Choosing the right integrated LTE antenna is not easy. The large number of LTE bands makes the construction of integrated LTE antennas more complex. All that glitters is not gold. You have to look closely at the data sheet of the LTE antenna. The lowest LTE frequency is 698 MHz. The […]

Is Sigfox / LoRa the new WiMAX? – A comparison to LTE-M and NB-LTE


I found the question “Is Sigfox / LoRa the new WiMAX?” on the Nokia networks blog: From hype to niche technology The subtitle of Nokia’s blog post was ”From hype to niche technology”. What is your opinion? Will we see wireless hype again? Sigfox and LoRa are LPWAN (Low Power WAN) technologies. Sigfox and […]

Wünsch dir (was) ein M2M IoT Developer Kit

The translation to English will follow later Das Ziel des Projektes ist ein multifunktionales Kit zur Entwicklung von M2M IoT Applikationen auf Basis von Linux und Android. Im Prinzip ein Rasberry Pi für Erwachsene mit GSM-, HSPA- oder LTE-Modul. Im Gegensatz zum Rasberry Pi kommen nur Industriebauteile zum Einsatz, welche jeder dann in kleinesten Mengen […]

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