My IoT M2M Cookbook got a new cover

IoT M2M Cookbook

IoT M2M Cookbook

The starting point of the book was a three day training about wireless modules for my customers in May 2012. In spring 2014 the first version of the book was published. The 53 pages of this early edition raised to 93 pages in format DIN A4. Last days an old business contact helped with an update for the book cover. This weekend I used it for an update of the IoT M2M Cookbook and for a sideshow in my blog at as well. On top I made an excerpt of the book public:

What will happen next? I still look for further content and people that will support me with proof reading. The content I have already in my mind, but each chapter will need some graphics and a third party to check the grammar. Sometimes a logical proof reading is necessary as well. The target of mine is that people with skills in electronic will be able to design their own IoT M2M devices without to run in trouble in common mistakes I have seen in the last 15 years.

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  1. Please respond with invoice for M2M IoT cookbook.

  2. Hi Greg, you will find a proforma invoice in your email inbox. You can pay by PayPal or by wire to my bank account. PayPal gives you the freedom to use your credit card as well.
    Please be so kind and check the postal address. I grabbed it on your website
    As soon the money is on my bank account or Paypal you will get the final invoice plus password for download of the book.
    Thanks in advance for yor order.

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