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Low Cost GSM GPS Bluetooth module on Arduino shield

GSM GPS Bluetooth module as a glance

New GSM / GPS / Bluetooth module adapter for STM32 Nucleo, Arduino, Intel Galileo plus compatible PCBs Your ideas? Your wishes? Your recommendation? Your advice? I will listen to you. Before I started to write the IoT / M2M Cookbook I asked business friends what they would like to pay for such a book. A […]

Is Sigfox / LoRa the new WiMAX? – A comparison to LTE-M and NB-LTE


I found the question “Is Sigfox / LoRa the new WiMAX?” on the Nokia networks blog: From hype to niche technology The subtitle of Nokia’s blog post was ”From hype to niche technology”. What is your opinion? Will we see wireless hype again? Sigfox and LoRa are LPWAN (Low Power WAN) technologies. Sigfox and […]

The Tower of Babel has a new name – LPWAN (Low Power WAN)

Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel LPWAN SigFox: SigFox has already deployed a few public radio networks. Nevertheless, there are none in Germany which blunts its argument as being ready to support applications. LPWAN LoRa: In my opinion, there is no single LoRa today. There are quite a lot of LoRa dialects and these dialects are as different […]

WyzBee – your IoT enabler

WyzBee board

WyzBee – your IoT enabler The WyzBee board of Redpine Signals includes a wireless module providing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, and ZigBee connectivity. Moreover it holds a six-axis inertial sensors, an infra-red receiver, a debug port, push-buttons, LEDs, USB ports, and expansion connector. Last but not least there is a Dual Core MCU with memory, wired […]

IoT M2M Cookbook – How to develop a device based on Wireless Wide Area Network modules – Abstract

IoT M2M Cookbook

Abstract: IoT M2M Cookbook für die deutschsprachige Presse IoT M2M Cookbook – How to develop a device based on Wireless Wide Area Network modules Am Beispiel eines Gerätes zur Ortung wird der Aufbau einer IoT-M2M-Applikation erklärt. Dazu kommen Funkmodule für Mobilfunk und GPS zum Einsatz. Entwickler, die ein Gerät für Industrie 4.0 ohne Ortung designen, […]

Hospital for Antennas – Our third IoT M2M outpatient – the magnetic mount cellular antenna

Magnetic mount cellular antenna on metal plate

Our third patient has a popular name. The manufacturers have called it the magnetic mount antenna. Further details about the third mobile antenna patient are given in the test below. Here are the medical records of the cellular magnetic mount antenna: Frequency bands: GSM 850/900 MHz, GSM 1800 / 1900 MHz, UMTS 2100 Frequency range: […]

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