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How to track a shopping trolley in supermarket?

Objective: to log the movements of a customer through a retail space, for example for market research The space is populated fixed radio beacons (2.4 GHz ISM Band), each of which periodically transmits signals which uniquely identify the particular beacon. The radio signal is limited in strength and can only be received within a defined […]

ANT / Bluetooth 4.0 beacon evaluation kit for home automation solution to support humans and pets

Just to let you know that you don’t have to wait longer for home automation gadgets based on Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT any more. Radio beacons and tags on BLE and ANT have become available at present. These can be deployed as miniature beacons in buildings, parking garages, shopping malls and airports without significant installation […]

Hackathon @ Droidcon in Berlin – Great prizes – cash, products and media exposure

Join the ANT Challenge at the Droidcon Berlin Hackathon Sunday, April 7,| 9am-6pm The ANT Challenge is an excellent opportunity to create new and dynamic applications with cutting-edge technology and use cases using the latest release of the ANT Android API. Great development opportunity. Great prizes – cash, products and media exposure! 60 M ANT+ […]

Internet of Things Around the Smartphone

Wednesday 10th of March 14:45 – 15:20 Droidcon 2013 in Berlin Mr. Klaus Starnberger, Starnberger Innovation & Technologie GmbH Ultra low power wireless technologies like Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT+ are about to revolutionize our daily life. The smartphone reaches out for sensing, controlling and utilizing its proximity and neighbourhood. New technologies enable proximity and find […]

50 ANT slaves talking to one ANT master – ANT vers BLE Part 1

How to connect 50 ultra low power slaves to one master? Bluetooth Low Energy is limited because each wireless slave connected to the master will charge RAM. Nevertheless, Bluetooth Low Energy is just one 2400 MHz technology out of several others. In comparison to Bluetooth Low Energy a technology called ANT charges much less RAM. […]

Comparsion of Bluetooth Low Energy – BLE – Bluetooth Smart ICs

BLE = Bluetooth Low Energy = Bluetooth Smart = a part of Bluetooth 4.0 Competitor vers. nRF51 (left side third party / right side nRF51 for my application) Switch Mode Power Supply & Linear regulators/ ditto Not supported / Individual power management for all peripherals inside the IC 1 x 10-bit ADC / 8/9/10 bit […]

Proximity Tag without Bluetooth 4.0

Today Nordic Semiconductor announced that Unikia has developed a proprietary key fob-sized wireless tag object locator that it says will appeal to anyone who doesn’t want to download an app or employ a smart phone in order to find misplaced items such as keys, glasses, and remote controls. Read more here: https://www.nordicsemi.com/News/Press-Releases/Product-Related-News/Low-cost-proprietary-wireless-proximity-key-fob-does-not-need-a-smartphone If somebody would […]