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How to track a shopping trolley in supermarket?

Objective: to log the movements of a customer through a retail space, for example for market research The space is populated fixed radio beacons (2.4 GHz ISM Band), each of which periodically transmits signals which uniquely identify the particular beacon. The radio signal is limited in strength and can only be received within a defined […]

Creating your Bluetooth 4.0 Proximity gadget for iPhone and Samsung

There is no need to collect money for a Bluetooth 4.0 Proximity on Kickstarter The commission for Kickstarter you can save. To enter the Bluetooth 4.0 market you need just 99 bucks for an evaluation kit. Even the 99 $ you can save. Just register at Nordic Semiconductor Global Tour. At the tour you get […]

Waterproofed GSM / GPS tracker on solar power

GSM / GPS tracking device on solar power will run endless GSM Module Quad Band GPS module with GPS patch antenna Charging power 750 mW during sunshine at 12:00 A.M. Waterproofed IP65 Embededed GSM antenna MCU Standard SIM and SIM on Chip Battery For more details or an customised GSM/GPS tracker just drop an email […]

Vehicle tracking device with embedded GSM / GPS antennas

All in one Vehicle tracking device This vehicle tracking device is a highly flexible plug and play GSM 850 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900 modem with embedded GPS module for direct and easy integration in your vehicle. The GSM antenna and the GPS antenna are embedded in the vehicle tracking device. This saves […]

GSM and GPS meets short-range radio

OBU (On Board Unit) and short-range radios An inexpensive  trailer detection on 2400 MHz radio modules is indeed already published. Through the use of ICs, which were developed for consumer products, the bill of materials is very low. Last week, a GSM / ISM Bridge required based on Linux. A GPS module is also […]

Bluetooth Low Energy Proximity Tag – Reference Design

Complete reference design for Bluetooth Low Energy proximity tag You will never have to search  for your smartphone again. You will never forget your smartphone in the pub. Just locate your key fob by using your smartphone easily. Use your smartphone to locate your wallet. Get security by automatically locking your laptop by distance to […]

6LoWPAN question: A Low power, what is it good for? Just a waste of time. Everything was already set.

This question came in this morning by comment to a previous post. We’ve been talking of the Internet-of-Things for years, but we forgot to inform our engineers how it will work. The website of the engineer who commented is showing medical applications. I am able to connect all their equipment to my WIFI network easily. […]

Ultra light GSM / GPS tracker

GSM / GPS modules on FR4 with copper foil offers proper ground plane This concept shows an ultra light GSM/GPS tracker to track tiny animals like birds or prairie dogs. It also can be used to track expensive oil on canvas. The concept is following  the idea of cost reduction by using of free of […]

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