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M2M applications based on wireless modules.

How to track a shopping trolley in supermarket?

Objective: to log the movements of a customer through a retail space, for example for market research The space is populated fixed radio beacons (2.4 GHz ISM Band), each of which periodically transmits signals which uniquely identify the particular beacon. The radio signal is limited in strength and can only be received within a defined […]

Creating your Bluetooth 4.0 Proximity gadget for iPhone and Samsung

There is no need to collect money for a Bluetooth 4.0 Proximity on Kickstarter The commission for Kickstarter you can save. To enter the Bluetooth 4.0 market you need just 99 bucks for an evaluation kit. Even the 99 $ you can save. Just register at Nordic Semiconductor Global Tour. At the tour you get […]

Waterproofed GSM / GPS tracker on solar power

GSM / GPS tracking device on solar power will run endless GSM Module Quad Band GPS module with GPS patch antenna Charging power 750 mW during sunshine at 12:00 A.M. Waterproofed IP65 Embededed GSM antenna MCU Standard SIM and SIM on Chip Battery For more details or an customised GSM/GPS tracker just drop an email […]