GSM watch

GSM watch with mechanical clockwork

GSM watch

GSM watch

Challenges of the GSM watch

  • Small GSM module
  • Small round shaped customised antenna
  • Tiny mechanical clockwork
  • Small battery that can drive up to 2 Ampere peak current

Does who want a small GSM application like a GSM watch, GSM /GPS tracker or wireless sensor should not hesitate to send an email to harald.naumann (at)


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  1. Hi, Herald:

    it’s in MP or just a working sample ?
    R U a manufacturer or solution providr ?
    How’s it gonna sell ?


  2. Welson, the GSM watch is in mass production. It is made by one of my customers. My daily job is FAE Wireless. I help sometimes that wireless dreams comes true.

  3. Hi Harold,

    Can you provide a link to the manufacturer or purchase info.

    Regards bk

    Nice blog

  4. Dear Harald,
    Finally a watch worth looking at!
    is there a chance that a gps function may be integrated?

  5. Douwe, how big is your budget?

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