Pan on Bluetooth Low Energy

Dear Santa,
please be so kind and help me with a pan on Bluetooth Low Energy.

Bluetooth Low Energy pan

Bluetooth Low Energy pan

I know that you are busy these days. Do you have a minute left to grab an intelligent pan with Low Energy for me? Cooking is one of my hobbies.
BTW if you have beacons on your wish list then I can help. I have some left. The beacons support the protocol. On top they support further protocols as well. The contain a temperature sensor and can transmit the temperature data by Bluetooth to your smart phone. Before I forget to mention it – the beacons contains an accelerometer also. And on top you can get a C compiler and write your own code. The apps for the beacon are available for Android and iOS.
Maybe we can exchange. You give me an intelligent pan and I give you 20 Bluetooth Low Energy beacons. Just have a look on the beacons:
Santa, is this a deal? Please answer to harald.naumann (at)
Cry for help: I don’t know if Santa is reading here. Please forward this letter to other channels.

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