Bluetooth Low Energy – the digital Swiss knife – part 3a

Bluetooth Low Energy - BLE- applications

Bluetooth Low Energy – BLE- applications

To detect the presence or or to detect something out of range is often an important information. Close to 20 years ago my daughter was hiding behind the curtain during relieve nature. She was sitting behind the curtain at the living room and if we cried for her we got no answer. At out apartment this was never a problem, because she was always behind the same curtain. The problem came up in shopping malls. At shopping mall she was often sitting under a clothes rack and disappeared. A Bluetooth Low Energy beacon would be a helpful tool, because then you can detect on an app on the smart-phone, that she is close by. By out of range, the phone could start to ring.

And those who want to listen to me about BLE and opportunities are welcome to stay on 5th February at the IoT Meetup in Munich. You will learn about BLE, you can touch and play with inexpensive BLE beacons, and on top you have a chance to win such BLE beacons during the event.

If you can’t make it and run an own IoT Meetup group or Google User group – then do not hesitate to email me at harald.nauman (at)
More Bluetooth Low Energy applications here

BLE Bluetooth Low Energy beacon at key-fob

BLE Bluetooth Low Energy beacon at key-fob

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