Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon

Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon at a glance

Tiny Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon

Tiny Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon

  • Small and light: 30mm diameter, 10mm thickness, 7 grams
  • Long time operation on CR2032: 18 months (30 year shelf life)
  • Long range: 75 Meters with up to 120 Meters at max power
  • Secure: Immune to wireless attacks
  • Weatherproof enclosure with option on custom tooling
  • Support of all major beacon standards
  • Certified: FCC/IC/CE

The picture shows a small, weather-proof Bluetooth Low Energy beacon suitable for mass deployment. The device can advertise ID and sensor data. This Bluetooth Low Energy beacon offers the best battery lifetime and range for any available coin-cell operated beacon on the market today. The Bluetooth Low Energy beacon can be used with the free App (iOS and Android versions) and is compatible with all Bluetooth Smart Ready devices.

The push-button can be used to cycle through different beaconing modes. Modes for high performance and long battery life are available. The modes will help with a battery life of 2 month to 30 years on a coin cell:

  • Sleep Mode with over 30 years of shelf life
  • ID Mode advertises UUID, Major ID, and Minor ID, and achieves up to 2 months battery life
  • ID low power mode beacons ID information with 18 months typical battery life
  • Sensor mode broadcasts sensor data such as battery voltage, temperature, and button presses with 18 months typical battery life
  • Dual mode is activated for ID and Sensor functionality simultaneously and achieves a 9 month typical battery life
  • Any mode can be locked for final deployment

On top this Bluetooth Low Energy beacon can be delivered in any quantity with guaranteed unique ID numbers. A unique serial number is printed on the label and encoded in a QR code for optical scanning.   An optional NFC tag is also available for easy identification.

Unlike most other beacons on the market today, the beacon can’t be hacked. The beacons come pre-programmed with a uniquely defined UUID, Major ID and Minor ID and cannot be re-programmed wirelessly.

The Bluetooth Low Energy beacon is FCC, IC, and CE certified, RoHS, Reach, and halogen free compliant.

The beacon can be customized for individual deployments with the development kit. The kit contains a programmer interface board, cable, and 5 Bluetooth Low Energy beacons for re-programming. The programming tools are available separately on request.

 Bluetooth Low Energy features

  • Weatherproof Enclosure
  • Size: 30mm x 10mm disk; Weight: 7 grams
    • Replaceable CR2032 3V Li battery
    • Integrated push-button with LED indicators
  • Accessories
    • Wall-mount
    • Key-fob
    • Wrist-band

Multi-mode beaconing with Bluetooth Low Energy beacon

  • Sensor packet format includes battery voltage, temperature, packet count and push-button count
  • ID packet format includes UUID, Major ID, and Minor ID
  • Compatible with common beacon standards

Long Range on Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Over 75 m line-of-sight at 0 dBm output power

Applications for the Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon

  • Customer Experience Enhancement
  • Stores, malls, airports, museums, theme parks, sports arenas, conferences, exhibits, festivals
  • Proximity, electronic leash applications
  • Push notifications, alerts
  • Passive data collection
  • Battery, temperature monitoring

Mounting accessory

You have the freedom to select from three different kind of mounting brackets.

Wall-mount for the BLE beacon

BLE beacon will wall mounted bracket

Wall mounted bracket

The wall mount bracket gives you the freedom to assemble the Bluetooth Low Energy beacon to the wall, laptop, bicycle, skies or whatever you like. After de-mounting you can replace the CR2032 battery easy.

Key-fob for the BLE beacon

BLE key fob

BLE key fob

The key-fob is based on the same principle. The plastic ring clasps around the beacon and fix it to your keys.

Wrist-band for the BLE beacon

BLE beacon at wristband

BLE beacon at wristband

The mounting bracket for the wrist-band gives you the freedom from standard bracelet on the market

Customised bracket for the BLE beacon

If you like you can design your customised brackets by 3D print easy. Printing is for such small pieces of plastic not to expensive.

If you have an interest in an evaluation kit with 5 Beacons , then do not hesitate to drop an email to harald.naumann (at) gsm-modem.


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  1. Dear Harald Naumann,

    I am looking for Beacon that broadcast only in One Direction or low range such as 2-3 inches. Could you please advice if can be possible and so can I buy few for testing first? Preferbly with eddystone support. FYI, If all well, we may need at least 1000 pcs

  2. Hi Gupta, you will find an offer in your email inbox. 2 to 3 inches is no problem. The beacons support several protocols and Eddystone is supported as well.

  3. Hi Harald

    Looking for Beacons which support both ibeacon and Eddystone platforms. We are working on a project where we need the reach of bluetooth signals to be maximum. Can you please provide a quote for 1000 pieces and if possible a test kit will do for us to do intial setup. Looking forward for your email.

  4. Dear Sivaganesh,
    You will find an offer in your inbox.
    Best regards

  5. Dear Harald,
    I building an asset tracking solution for laptops and mobile devices. What kind of Bluetooth Antenna do I need to procure for an 8X8 meter area?

    Also, please provide quote for 300 beacons and wall-mount assembly.


  6. Hi Rafeeq,
    Please find another close the same messages or questions on BLE indoor localisation to me as below. I get the question again and again at least once a month. It is time for a block post on this topic.

    What is the recommended way to implement BLE beacons to perform indoor localisation?
    What is the preferred algorithm for iBeacons to perform user localisation? Fingerprint based? Triangulation based?
    How can you triangulate a phone’s exact location in a restaurant with only a few beacons?
    I would like to talk to you about BLE tracking. I have been working on a project for a while and running into walls
    We are a team of 5 people who are interested in the concept of proximity messaging and we are interested in developing a Mobile App in IOS and Android so that Consumers can benefit from the offers which retailers will be offering them by proximity messaging while they are in their stores
    We are working on a project where location Accuracy is critical for our product. I have looked through your articles on Low Energy BT for triangulation. Specifically, we are having problems in Urban Canyon environments. Do you have any articles/ideas that will provide the high level of location accuracy in these environments? Please send me any relevant info.

    Triangulation on BLE is impossible because on 2400 MHz you will have a lot of reflections, multipath plus phase shift. If you would like to make a study, then just order a kit with 5 BLE beacons for estimated Euro 50 including free of charge app for iOS and Android. After that, you place the 5 beacon or even more in a room with no people inside. Put your smartphone on a trolley and move it around. The measured field strength you write in an Excel table. After that, you make the same test with 5 beacons and 5 people and put the BLE beacon in their pockets. Let the people turn in steps of 15 degrees and measure it the field strength again. The human body is mainly water and the resonance frequency of water is in the near of 2400 MHz. Remember that your microwave oven is operating in the 2400 MHz frequency range for that reason.
    The third test could be to measure the field strength of 5 beacons in front of you at 5 different places. Just walk in steps of one-meter closer to the beacons and write the measured field strength in a table. The result will be that the field strength will maybe decrease even when you are moving closer to the beacon. The reason is multipath and phase shift. Another result will be that the field strength will not increase linearly. This is based on multipath phase shift as well.

    Fingerprinting will need a reference. However fingerprinting is not immune against multipath and phase shift as well. If you change the smartphone, the place in your pocket change then the signal loss with change as well. Fingerprinting will help to get a better result, but not accurate enough to generate a position on meter level. The fingerprinting will run better if you place BLE beacons in the room and measure the field strength with another beacon. A beacon to beacon communication will help with more accurate data than a beacon to smartphone communication. There are some further algorithms that you can use for optimising the calculation of the position, but this you can’t do by using smartphones on BLE only.

    A detection on room level is possible. If you add Kalman filters and some more sources like the magnetic field of the earth, accelerometers or even ultrasonic sound then the result will be much better than on BLE beacons only.

    A package of 3 beacons will costs Euro 50 only. Just order it, make a test and make a decsion.


  7. Hello, could you share the Wall mounted bracket 3d print file? Thank you.

  8. Hi Thiango, the property rights for the wall mounted bracket are with a third party. Sorry, there is no change.

  9. I want to know how it is made and do you offer application development along with product manufacturing. Our idea is like having bluetooth finder as well apps integrated to it like conpany tiles and trackr. How much will it cost per piece for manufacturing and how small can you make plus do you offer complete apps development?

  10. You can order in single pieces.The smallest set contains five pieces. You have the freedom to order the dev kit and to change the firmware. App development will be your part or a part of local developers.

  11. I wanted to launch a BLE product like tiles and trackr company. Can you guys manufacture us product like them but smaller if possible. As well as do you offer apps development.Looking to buy in bulk.

  12. We can do anything. Do you have a budget for development?

  13. Hello Harald, we are looking for bluetooth trackers that can also have GPS functions enabled / disabled.

    Please advise smallest size available
    If need be, to eliminate GPS function, can the blue tooth tracker size be reduced?

    Looking for small bluetooth tracker, in other words.

  14. Hi Harald,
    could you please asend me a quote for eval kit, payment and shipping options.How soon can i get it (im in München)

  15. Where can i buy the beacons?

  16. Hello,

    Can i use this beacon and his push button to ping my mobile app and let it know that the push button of the beacon has been pressed ?

  17. Hello,

    We are looking for beacons in the form factor of Key fob & Wrist Band.
    Also few more requirements are present, which can be discussed over email. Kindly revert to my email id to discuss further.

  18. Hi Alex, you will find an email in your inbox.

  19. Dear Mitchel, you will find an email in your inbox.

  20. Hi Clement, yes you can do that.

  21. Hi Harald,
    Please send me the price details

  22. Hi Shree, just frop me an email to harald.naumann (at)

  23. I will need a beacon that can reach both ibeacon and Eddystone platforms. What is the price for 500 to 1000 pcs and if it.s possible to get a sample .Thank you

  24. Would love a quote for your trackers!

  25. Hi Harald,

    I am looking to deploy beacon to transmit a brief (less than 100 character message to cell phone) that can be simply activated for security warnings and notifications. Maybe by push button? Do these devices broadcast continually while powered on or are there other options? Many thanks.

  26. Hi Brian, they broadcast and 100 charaters are maybe to long for a BLE beacon.

  27. Hi Robert, it is a a BLE beacon ad not a tracker.

  28. Hi Gustav, just drop me an email to harald.naumann (at)

  29. Hi Harald,,
    Im working in iOS and android app that use géolocalisation indoor to find out devices (iPad , iPhone..) , so then i need to w work with beacon ,Eddystone ,BLE , sir what should i use to get my purpose . i have to detect location each device using a map 2D .
    Many thanks.

  30. Hi Yougina, the answer is written here:
    Is it possible to use iBeacons / BLE beacons for triangulation or BLE indoor localisation?

  31. Hello Harald, Just a few questions. Kindly reply my email.
    I am not much of a Tech person but I know what i expect from a beacon.

    1. Do your beacons support eddystone and ibeacon push notifications at the same time?
    2. Are they secure?
    3. are the SDK’s robust enough to provide proximity and user analytics?
    4. Can a user broadcast urls, images?
    5. I intend to purchase between 100-500 units can I get a sample to use as test device? thanks

  32. Howie, I answered to you by email.

  33. I have stores in OKC, usa, I sell cbd products. I want to use these to advertise my business. Can I program them with different ads once they are placed at different locations from my laptop? OKC is about 50 miles wide. I don’t want to have to go to each location and get the device and program it. Wes Williams 405 520-3410 cst. Oklahoma

  34. Hi Harald,

    I am doing some research on a bluetooth proximity device and need some guidance.

    I am looking for a beacon that can be attached to a power source like a car battery and once the connected device (phone, wristband etc.) gets far enough away it loses connection and cuts power to the battery. Is this possible? What parts would I need and cost. Thank you in advance.

    Devin Creasey

  35. Hi Devin, yes this is possible.

  36. Hello Harold,
    I am Looking to make a prototype for a small Trackable Item for school Project and this sounds ie the perfect piece to use. If you could get back to me as soon as possible so we can tall more about your product and what it has to offer. Thank You!!
    Sincerely, Christian

  37. Good day Sir. We are interested due to our thesis project. We would like to know the price in large quantities such as 100, 500 and 1000 pieces. Thank you so much.

  38. Hi Harald,

    I am looking for an iBeacon to use it on a wristband/bracelet and to be waterproof. I need an offer for 2000 pieces. Can you recommend me something?

  39. Dear Alexanndru, just drop me an email to harald.naumann (at) Thx in advance.
    Best regards

  40. Dear Ken, just drop me an email to harald.naumann (at) Thx in advance.
    Best regards

  41. Hello

    Our idea is like having bluetooth finder as well apps integrated to it like company tiles and trackr. How much will it cost per piece for manufacturing and how small can you make plus do you offer complete apps development?We’re located in Canada

  42. Hi Johnny,
    My rate per hour is 120 Euro. We can talk by Jitsi. Jitsi is free of charge video conference tool without the need of an installation.

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