IoT at level crossing with 5G gateway on NeoMesh, NBIoT and LTEM

NeoMesh (SubGHz Mesh Net) at level crossing with German Railway company

5G Gateway on NeoMesh, NBIoT, LTEM and GPRS.

Deutsche Bahn’s implementation of NeoMesh in combination with NBIoT/LTEM marks a major revolution in the Internet of Things (IoT), particularly in improving safety at level crossings. Unlike traditional LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technologies, NeoMesh offers an innovative approach to IoT communications that will redefine the future of IoT applications. Let’s take a closer look at this groundbreaking development:

Safety at level crossings: The integration of NeoMesh into Deutsche Bahn’s safety systems at level crossings represents a decisive change in ensuring the safety and reliability of railway operations. By using NeoMesh, the traditionally complex and power-hungry LPWAN systems have been replaced with a more efficient and power-saving solution. This not only reduces the environmental impact, but also improves the overall level crossing safety performance.

Maximising battery life: One of the key benefits of NeoMesh NBIoT/LTEM is its ability to maximise the battery life of IoT devices. Traditional LPWAN technologies often drain batteries quickly due to their constant communication requests and heartbeat messages. In contrast, NeoMesh’s intelligent communication protocol optimises data transmission and significantly extends the operating life of IoT devices. This is particularly important in railway applications, where devices are often used in remote or hard-to-reach locations.

Operational reliability: The implementation of NeoMesh at Deutsche Bahn underlines its superior operational reliability. The robustness and adaptability of the network ensures that critical level crossing safety data is transmitted seamlessly, even in challenging environments. This reliability minimises the risk of communication failures and contributes to safer rail operations.

NeoGate – the future of IoT: NeoGate, the gateway that enables NeoMesh communications, is at the forefront of IoT innovation. Using NeoMesh and NBIoT/LTEM technologies, NeoGate enables businesses and organisations to realise the full potential of the IoT. From transport and logistics to smart cities and industrial applications, NeoGate provides a versatile and future-proof platform to harness the transformative power of the IoT.

In summary, the deployment of NeoMesh in combination with NBIoT/LTEM at Deutsche Bahn represents a revolutionary step in IoT technology. It not only improves safety at level crossings, but also sets a new benchmark for efficiency, battery life and operational reliability in IoT. With NeoGate at the forefront, the future of IoT is brighter and more promising than ever.

NeoGate advantages

Precise Timing for Reduced Energy Consumption: NeoMesh introduces a level of precision in timing mechanisms that significantly lowers energy consumption per IoT node. By coordinating communication with exact timing, NeoMesh optimizes power usage, allowing devices to operate for extended periods on minimal energy.

Timers for Continuous Connectivity: In the world of NB-IoT/LTE-M, timers play a pivotal role in maintaining connectivity while keeping power consumption to a minimum. These timers ensure that devices remain connected without draining their batteries rapidly, ensuring a delicate balance between connectivity and energy preservation.

Extended Coverage Reach: NeoMesh extends the efficiency of NB-IoT/LTE-M by enhancing coverage options. It empowers devices to communicate over impressive distances, up to 100 meters indoors and 500 meters outdoors. This extended reach revolutionizes how devices can be deployed, offering flexibility and adaptability across various environments.

Seamless Network Integration: NeoMesh fosters a seamless network where devices collaborate harmoniously. This ensures reliability and continuous performance, even in challenging conditions. Devices within the NeoMesh network can exchange data without interruptions, guaranteeing operational continuity.

Exceptional Battery Life: The efficiency of NeoMesh and NB-IoT/LTE-M translates into exceptional battery life for IoT devices. With the right power management strategies, it’s entirely feasible to achieve 7 years of operation from just 2 AA cells. This remarkable longevity opens up a world of possibilities for long-term, low-maintenance IoT deployments.

In summary, the NeoMesh and NB-IoT/LTE-M partnership offers a revolutionary solution that combines precise timing, energy efficiency, extended coverage, network reliability, and exceptional battery life. This synergy not only transforms how IoT devices operate but also opens doors to innovative applications that were once constrained by power limitations. The future of IoT is brighter and more energy-efficient than ever before, thanks to NeoMesh and NB-IoT/LTE-M.

5G NeoGate on NeoMesh / NBIoT / LTEM as glace

  • Dimensions: [mm] TBD for NeoGate and sensor
  •  Power Consumption: Depending on the settings up to 7 years
  • Housing material: ABS
  • Radios: GSM , NBIoT, LTEM
  • Radios: NeoMesh by NeoCortec
  • Internal PCB antenna for cellular and 868 MHz
  • Power Supply: LiPo cell / 2 AA cells
  • Long Battery Life: Wake up on Emergency in the NeoMesh and every 24 hours for heartbeat and upload of collected data
  • Connectors: None
  • Global Coverage: Equipped with an integrated SIM card

Excerpt of Certifications and Regulations:
• CE certified: Security / EMC / RF Compliance
• IP Protection: IP67

But how does 5G Gateway work?

PCB track antennas inside: The PCB antennas at Gateway and sensors were made by our highly skilled team. PCB antennas are often better and cheaper than chip antennas. Moreover, in this case, we developed all PCB and software. Everything was delivered by one Hand.

NeoMesh instead of LoRaWAN: Deutsche Bahn is running its own LoRaWAN. Setting up a LoRaWAN at thousands of level crossings is not economical. Moreover, LoRaWAN is not as reliable as NeoMesh. Only a few NeoMesh sensors are used at the crossing. In other projects, there are a few hundred. A maximum of 65000 nodes are possible with NeoMesh. Since synchronisation takes place every 30 seconds at the latest, the Gateway notices quickly if one of the nodes fails. This is impossible with LoRa. LoRaWAN is great – but NeoMesh is technically better.

Project partners wanted: We are looking for one system partner in each country who has supplied the railway company in that country for the level crossing and many other applications in the railway sector. Germany is done directly.

Discover the future of IoT efficiency with the breakthrough capabilities of NeoMesh with the evaluation kit. Learn how the kit can help you redefine energy efficiency and beta security for a thriving IoT ecosystem. If you have any questions or the need for an evaluation kit, please contact harald.naumann (at) Let us help you reshape your market segment with IoT and break new ground!


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