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Low cost BLE-GPRS-GPS-gateway

Are we able to make a mint of money with such a low-cost BLE-GPRS-GPS-gateway? If yes then it makes sense to follow a train of thoughts listed in my IoT M2M Cookbook. Everybody can make such a gateway real for less than USD 15.

In my IoT M2M Cookbook – excerpt here:

IoT M2M Cookbook

Cover of the IoT M2M Cookbook

I explained in detail how to design a tracking device based on cellular modules (2G, 3G, 4G) and GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo).

Estimated bill of material for the low-cost BLE-GPRS-GPS-gateway in mass production:

  • GPRS, GPS, BT 4.0 (BLE) module with RTOS (Nucleus) = USD 9,50
  • MCU does not apply = USD 0
  • GSM PCB track antenna out of the IoT M2M Cookbook = USD 0
  • Bluetooth PCB track antenna out of the IoT M2M Cookbook = USD 0
  • GPS PCB track antenna out of the IoT M2M Cookbook = USD 0
  • SIM Card connector does not apply because it has a SIM on Chip = USD 0
  • USB connector + diode + low ESR capacitor < USD 1
  • Enclosure < USD 1
  • PCB smaller than 86,6 mm x 54 mm. (ISO 7810, ID-1-Format, credit card size) < USD 1
  • M2M SIM card without fee – Pay as you go SIM card
  • Summary < USD 10


Estimated one-off costs for the prototype of the low-cost BLE-GPRS-GPS-gateway:

  • GCC GNU Complier = USD 0
  • Code samples = USD 0
  • Software to develop the PCB = USD 0
  • 2 x M2M test SIM cards (standard SIM and SIM on Chip) = USD 0
  • IoT M2M Cookbook = estimated USD 100
  • Evaluation kit for GPRS module does not apply = USD 0
  • 1 x GPRS module < USD 15
  • 5 x two layer PCB by PCB Pool < USD 150
  • Summary < USD 300

BTW, I am working on a temperature sensor for my brother’s greenhouses. The BOM is close to the upper mentioned parts. The addition is sensors for temperature, air humidity and soil moisture on a bus system. The summary of the sensors is more expensive than the communication box.

In the end, these questions remain:

  • Are we able to make a mint of money with such a low-cost BLE-GPRS-GPS-gateway?
  • Does it make sense to start a Kickstarter campaign?
  • Which target groups have a need for low cost such a BLE-GPRS-GPS-gateway?

Thank you in advance for a request the BLE-GPRS-GPS-module, antenna matching, antenna designs, comments or an email to harald.naumann (at) lte – modem. com




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  1. Hello Harald

    I am interested in this product and would like to get a sample from you

    Low cost BLE-GPRS-GPS-gateway,

    My project involves using Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensors and transmitting the data via GPRS gateway.

    The device can be powered by electric or rechargeable batteries.

    I also require to track the asset, it will stationary most of the time, unless it goes for repairs.

    I look forward to hearing from you if you need to ask any further questions then I am available on my email

    kind regards/Shahzad

  2. Dear Shahzad,
    please be so kind and have a look in your email inbox.
    Best regards

  3. Hi Harold

    I am looking to deploy a proximity tracking kit for multiple use cases for a secure location tracking platform. Would it be possible to have a call with you and an email address from you to discuss it further. My product is Fisheye Hub. Currently on the App Store . Idea is to augment that solution with Bluetooth and RFiD trackers and ring fenced boundary readers.

  4. Rajeev, the new akorIoT SensPRO on ATMEL SAM21D or STM32L431 will be a starting point for you. The BLE module you can wire to the extension port of the SensPRO.

  5. Hi Rajeev, I will not travel this week and wait for Christmas. The new akorIoT SensPRO is a reference design on NB-IoT, LTE-M, GPRS, one our of three MCU, sensors, battery charger and a BLE module you can add on it extension port on separate PCB.

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