IoT side dish – GLOBIO BLE beacon powered on German potato

Today we tell you the ingredients you will need in order to reproduce the world’s first IoT potato to power a GLOBIO BLE Beacon. The potato is planned as a side dish. The starter I already explained. It was the world first´s IoT Sandwich listed here. We will show you how to make the main course and the dessert later.

GLOBIO BLE beacon powered by German potato

GLOBIO BLE beacon powered by German potato

Ingredients for this delicious side dish

For the power

  • 1 bed of nails as power source
  • 1 power cable for the GLOBIO BLE Beacon
  • 1 German potato

For the test set-up

  • 1 Android smart phone with support of BLE
  • 1 GLOBIO Android app
  • 1 balun inside of the U.FL to SMA coaxial cable
BLE beacon development

BLE beacon development

The GLOBIO BLE beacons you can get on Indiegogo for just 27 bucks here.

The app is already free of charge. For the bed of nails I will tell a source later on. GLOBIO is a German product. I assume they can ship you one German Potato per GLOBIO free of charge. I will ask for the special potato discount for all my followers on Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Xing, Quora, Facebook and readers of my blog.


1. Start
Are you aware that you could power a BLE beacon with a German potato? The chemical reactions that take place between two dissimilar metals and the juices in the potato create a small amount of voltage that can power a very small electrical device like a GLOBIO BLE beacon.
20. Stop

The method for making the world’s first IoT potato to power a GLOBIO BLE beacon I will be explained in future blog posts. Nevertheless, the pictures show the steps in between and what your final IoT side dish will look like.

Do you need side dish ideas for your own BLE application? Sick of running to the local distributor? Look no further for satisfying and delicious potato recipes. Are you already planning a small BLE device? Do you have a design for a BLE device and would like to make it smaller? Does this side dish make your mouth water? Can’t wait for the recipe instructions?
If your answer is “YES” to any of these questions then do not hesitate to drop an email to harald.naumann (at) gsm – modem .de

Your shopping list for the word first IoT potato on Indiegogo here.

FYI – BLE beacon in bicycle frame

GLOBIO BLE beacon inside bike

GLOBIO BLE beacon inside bicycle frame

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