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Bluetooth Low Energy – the digital Swiss knife – part 1

BLE Bluetooth Low Energy beacon at key-fob

What to do with Bluetooth Low Energy? Which applications can we cover? Several short articles shall give you an idea for useful applications on BLE. The first article is related to my lost key-fob. BLE beacon at key-fob (1) Estimated twenty-five years ago I lost my keys at the ruins of Corinth in Greece. I […]

6LoWPAN evaluation kit

6LowPAN evaluation kit with 2 low power, RF transceiver boards on 868 or 915 MHz band 2 MCU boards with ARM Cortex M3 (STM32L) on main board Suitable for 6LoWPAN, wireless M-BUS and two proprietary stack Software development kit with documentation, STM32L firmware and GUI Debug connector, USB interface, SPI interface between MCU and RF […]

Kostenfreie Bluetooth Low Energy Eval-Kits

Bluetooth Low Energy Eval-Kits für ihr funkendes Projekt Wer ein reales BLE-Projekt mit Forecast hat, konnte sein Projekt  melden und hat eine Chance auf ein Eval-Kit für Euro 0. Das Eval-Kit hat von Haus aus einen Temperatursensor und Beschleunigungssensoren. Weiterhin kann es leicht um andere Sensoren erweitert werden. Ich packe gerne noch folgendes oben drauf: […]

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