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6LoWPAN module on 868/915 MHz with IPsec security

The 6LoWPAN module enables secure low-power wireless IPv6 communication for sensors and small devices. It comes with user-programmable, royalty-free 6LoWPAN stack with mesh routing capability. 6LoWPAN is an Internet Engineering Task Force standard to develop wireless, low-power sensors and devices on IP communication. Your low-power network on 6LoWPAN can easily be integrated into an existing […]

The smallest GPS module with embedded GPS antenna?

Is that really the smallest GPS module with embedded GPS antenna? GPS module Unique Features Extremely tiny form factor 9.6 x 14.0 x 1.95 mm -> I found no smaller GPS module Low power consumption: 68 mW@ 1.8 V -> I found no other GPS module with lower power consumption Only 125uA in average consumption […]

Will Google’s Open Source Radio protocol on 6LoWPAN replace ZigBee and Z-Wave?

Google promised to release open source code for a 868/915 MHz wireless mesh protocol. It will be a low cost alternative to Zigbee or Z-Wave. It shall require less than 16 Kbytes RAM and 32 Kbytes flash. The target of the bill of material is 30 percent less than Zigbee Pro. The Google protocol will […]

CR95HF – transceiver IC for NFC – Near Field Communication

The CR95HF manages the frame coding and decoding in Reader mode for standard applications such as NFC, proximity and vicinity standards. It embeds the Analog Front End for 13.56 MHz Air Interface and supports relevant protocols. In Healthcare it can be used to read information from medical devices or program the configuration memory through standard […]

Arduino Mega GSM GPRS GPS Shield

the extension module for GSM / GPRS and GPS Arduino Mega GSM GPRS GPS kit including: GSM/GPRS/GPS-Shield Arduino board “Mega 2560” GSM antenna GPS antenna as patch on shield Accessories for rework Power supply Software pack (available for download) including: A library to use the GSM/GPRS/GPS-Shield Example program for usage of the GSM and GPS […]

Ultra light GSM / GPS tracker

GSM / GPS modules on FR4 with copper foil offers proper ground plane This concept shows an ultra light GSM/GPS tracker to track tiny animals like birds or prairie dogs. It also can be used to track expensive oil on canvas. The concept is following  the idea of cost reduction by using of free of […]

Where to produce 1.000 to 100.000 M2M antennas?

M2M antennas by laser on plastic I am just back from Hannover Industrial fair. One of the companies I visited offers the production of M2M antennas or other antennas by using of laser on plastic. The company has developers in Switzerland. Their machines are producing millions of  mobile phone antennas in China. The unbelievable is […]

HSPA GPS module Telit HE910

We will help with Telit HE910 evaluation kit plus further extensions, software and digital maps free of charge.
* Tiny HSPA GPS module Telit HE910
* Ultra low power micro controller evaluation kit Renesas RL78 for free
* Digital maps for free
* Webbased tracking server for free
* Cellular antenna design connected to Telit HE910 for free
* GPS antenna connected to Telit HE910 for free
* Hints and tips in English or German language based on 15+ years in wireless M2M

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