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The smallest GPS module with embedded GPS antenna?

Is that really the smallest GPS module with embedded GPS antenna?

GPS module Unique Features

  • Extremely tiny form factor 9.6 x 14.0 x 1.95 mm -> I found no smaller GPS module
  • Low power consumption: 68 mW@ 1.8 V -> I found no other GPS module with lower power consumption
  • Only 125uA in average consumption -> I found no other GPS module with average consumption
  • Ultra High Sensitivity with SiRFStarIV: –147dBm (Cold Start Acquisition)–163 dBm(Tracking) -> I found no other GPS module on SiRFStarIV with better sensitivity

GPS module State of the Art Features

  • The smallest GPS module with embedded GPS antenna?

    The smallest GPS module with embedded GPS antenna?

  • Low power modes including SiRFAware
  • Host port configurable either UART, SPI (slave) or I2C
  • NMEA protocol, switchable to OSP binary
  • Self-Assisted by Client Generated EE
  • Jammer Detection and Removal
  • SBAS/WAAS support
  • AGPS Support
  • Dedicated I2C port for optional external sensors
  • Accelerometer Kionix KXTF9
  • Magnetometer Aichi AMI304
  • 1PPS output


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  1. It is the new Fastrax UC430. It is an IT430 with embedded GPS chip antenna. I can help with reference designs, tipps an hints for small and inpensive GPS trackers with 2G or 3G modem with upload to free of chare tracking server.

  2. Very eye catching. But after you have added the gsm modem, the gsm antenna, gsm sim chip etc etc what are the final dimensions you get?

    We have already shrunk the units to as small as we think we can go(give or take a few mm) and have a gps/gsm/rf unit with movement at 45mm square including gps antenna.

    Btw, we also have the flexible variant now.

  3. Hi Lee, by 45 mm x 45 mm your ground plane is to small to reach a reasonable ground plane. You can not believe how often per month I have to explain this story. Yesterday I explained the story again. At evening during watching the news on TV, I draw a picture that will show, what will happen by shorting the ground plane from 95 mm x 40 mm to 45 x 40 mm. As soon I have some further minutes left I will write the text to the picture an make in public. Anyhow, to get an antenna radiated an to small ground plane, the antenna has to be customised on the small PCB and the enclosure. It will be a very critical antenna system, because even me can not check the physics.

    BTW, the latest story is to locate indoor by using Microsoft’s Human Antenna and Google’s 6LoWPAN on 868 MHz. My customers has not to wait, because I have already 6LoWPAN on 868 / 915 MHz in stock.

    What about to place an order with me? My customers always get the latest wireless news earlier than others. Often I get use details in a very early stage and can use it in customer projects after signing a NDA.

  4. Hi Harold i tried to email you in connection with the Components for matchbox sized tracking unit , that mail came back saying address no longer exists , but now i see you chat here please get back to me i know its 2012 now and these are older posts ..

  5. Hi Andrew thx for the hint. Which email address you have used? I changed nothing. All email addresses are on an alias and will be forwarded to me. Anyhow, maybe my ISP provider changed something without to inform me. Please be so kind and come back to me by email to harald.naumann (at)

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