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Where to produce 1.000 to 100.000 M2M antennas?

M2M antennas by laser on plastic

I am just back from Hannover Industrial fair. One of the companies I visited offers the production of M2M antennas or other antennas by using of laser on plastic. The company has developers in Switzerland. Their machines are producing millions of  mobile phone antennas in China. The unbelievable is that the machines they using are developed and produced 20 minutes by car from my home. Next door there is a further company, that will produce such antennas in any shape I like. I travelled to Hannover (40 km far away from my home), to meet a Swiss company with production line in China and to come back with local contact for same topic just 20 km from my home.
What will be the better option for  M2M antennas? Switzerland/China or Germany/Germany? I will try to keep you posted.

If you are interested  in further details of this M2M antennas, before next update of this blog post, then just by use the form here or e-mail to harald.naumann (at)

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