Internet of Things Around the Smartphone

Wednesday 10th of March 14:45 – 15:20 Droidcon 2013 in Berlin
Mr. Klaus Starnberger, Starnberger Innovation & Technologie GmbH

Internet of Things Around the Smartphone

Internet of Things Around the Smartphone

Ultra low power wireless technologies like Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT+ are about to revolutionize our daily life. The smartphone reaches out for sensing, controlling and utilizing its proximity and neighbourhood. New technologies enable proximity and find me applications as well as asset tracking, indoor positioning, sensor applications or almost any kind of application out of your imagination. All by introducing little helpers made from hardware called accessories and by connecting them to the smartphone and internet world.
The smartphone reaches out for your creativity once again and time has come to develop the internet of things right at your fingertips. This presentation gives you an understanding of wireless technologies around the smartphone and all you need to know to develop your ideas.
A practical example of a wireless Bluetooth low energy proximity tag will be presented in detail in order to understand the issues of interaction between wireless hardware and software. This includes basics of Bluetooth radio, necessary software stacks and profiles to work with. Main focus will be Bluetooth 4.0, but also basics from ANT+, Wifi-direct and others will be mentioned.
Furthermore, the business aspect of creating new products will be covered in order to control threats and opportunities of innovative concepts and architectures.
How are you going to make your idea come real?

Klaus Starnberger is a business friend of mine who has got all wireless components from me. We met each other first time at Embedded World 2012 in Nuremberg. We joined the Droidcon 2012 together. At Droidcon 2012 I was talking about “Comparison of Radio Links inside an Android Device and Examples for Applications“. We started a demo for Home Automation on Google TV box a few weeks later. Klaus was talking about Energy Harvesting at the Public Tech Days that I was leading in May 2012 at Dortmund. In Sep 2012 was the next Public Tech Day in Berlin. His presentation was “Controlled by Smartphone“.
Anyhow, who now has an innovative idea for accessories, should not hesitate to contact me by email harald.naumann (at) In the last few months I gained a lot of projects based on ultra-low-power wireless. The knowledge and experience of the other applications on Bluetooth 4.0, ANT, ZigBee and NFC can be incorporated into new products. Thank you in advance for any inquiry on wireless.

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