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Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n inside Nexus 7

Nice – for just 199 Bucks I can get a Android tablet that covers nearly all radio links I was talking about at Droidcon in Berlin. Comparison of Radio Links inside an Android Device and Examples for Applications The only radio link missed is ANT+. Anyhow, ANT+ can be covered by USB. The first […]

WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM? Whatever happened to X10?

The question as below reached me after publishing the Home Automation Solution on the Google TV box on different channels. I would like to share it with you. WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM? Whatever happened to X10? Thanks for the links Harald. They are definitely applicable to M2M! The TV box we got from Google helps […]

Comparison of NFC, Classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart and WLAN

Presentation at Droidcon 2012 in Berlin 16 slides about short range radio links inside an Android device for download: The focus of this presentation is on Bluetooth Smart. Bluetooth Smart was called WiBree years ago. Later on it was renamed to Bluetooth Low Energy also called Bluetooth 4.0. Four names for the same technology. […]

Quick Start Guide for Wahoo Heart Rate Belt and Motorola Razr Droid

Please follow the described steps carefully to save time by powering on your Android heart rate demo application on your Motorola Razr Droid. 1. Preparing your Motorola Razr Droid Go to the Android Market and download the app called nRF HRM Demo to your Android Smart Phone. Install the app on your phone. Do […]

Comparision of radio links inside an Android device and examples for applications

Useful radio links inside an Android Smart Phone Droidcon 2012 in Berlin 14.03.2012 /15.30 – 16.00 Harald Naumann Sensors, Interaction A lot of people are not aware about other radio links inside a Android phone parallel to 3G and 4G radio link for voice and data communication. To explain the latest technologies we will […]

Google Maps Indoor and Google Maps Floor Plan Generator

Recently you can navigate with the new version Google Maps 6.0 in the building. Various airports and shopping centres in the U.S. have already been equipped. To navigate without GNSS signals (no GPS and Glonass) you need some radio beacons along the way. A mixture of natural radio beacons, such as GSM base stations and […]

Android running on your uC Core? Can we use it for a smart home gateway?

The question as below reached me: “Is Android running on your uC Core? Please explain your solution. We are building smart home gateway right now on 32 bit processor with Android.” Smart home gateway proposal On the uC Core will run the Arduino SDK. Nevertheless, on the uC you can run several operating systems (e.g. […]

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