Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n inside Nexus 7

Nice – for just 199 Bucks I can get a Android tablet that covers nearly all radio links I was talking about at Droidcon in Berlin.

Comparison of Radio Links inside an Android Device and Examples for Applications

The only radio link missed is ANT+. Anyhow, ANT+ can be covered by USB. The first ULP sensor technology to connect with existing and future Android-powered smartphone and tablet platforms through a connected USB stick was launched 25th. of June. Read more:

On my business card is printed Field Application Engineer Wireless. With a Nexus 7 plus ANT+ USB stick I can present all radio links at my customer’s offices.
Is a 7-inch display big enough to show data sheets on PDF? I am not sure. With Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth Low Energy) I can connect a keyboard and a mouse. A keyboard and mouse on Bluetooth 4.0 will be cheaper than upgrading my Motorola Razr with its LAPDOCK 100. Motorola is asking for USD 249 for a 10 inch display with keyboard. Last but not least the keyboard does not support QWERTZ and QWERTY only.,en_US,pd.html

Shall I buy a Nexus 7 or wait for a 10 inch Android tablet with same features?

Nexus 7 review

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