Bluetooth Proximity Tag plus free of charge Android utility app

The free Bluetooth 4.0 utility app is available for all of us at Google Play Store.

Bluetooth Low Energy Proximity Tag

Bluetooth Low Energy Proximity Tag

Right now it supports Samsung S3, S3 mini, Note 2 and Note 10.1 . Android developers can make their Bluetooth 4.0 dreams come true. Nevertheless I put Bluetooth Proximity Tags for all of us on top. Such a Bluetooth 4.0 proximity tag everybody can get for Euro 88. You can get it in single pieces. There is no minimum order quantity!

How to connect a Bluetooth 4.0 heart rate belt? I have described it here: . For the heart rate belts is no MOQ as well.
Those who are interested in an own development can get a Bluetooth 4.0 evaluation kit for Euro 88. The evaluation kit has no minimum order quantity, too.

Further Bluetooth 4.0 services

  • Consulting in how do develop apps for Android and iPhone (daily rate 888 Euro)
  • Studies for Bluetooth 4.0 products (daily rate 888 Euro)
  • Hardware and software concepts (daily rate 888 Euro)
  • Customized hardware designs for prototypes up to mass production (daily rate 888 Euro)
  • Tuning of matching circuits and antennas (daily rate 888 Euro)

Just tell me what you are missing. I will take care on an one stop shopping for your Bluetooth 4.0 application. Just email to harald.naumann (at)


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  1. Hi Harold,

    I’m working for a company which is creating a smartphone app for iOS and Android. We would like to source a Bluetooth LE beacon and API which could:
    – identify when a user was close-by
    – send the user data

    Are you aware of any companies which provide this?


    Richard Johnson

  2. Hi again,

    A slight variation …

    – the beacon simply sends a message: “this is my ID”
    – we need a way to program or assign the ID of the beacon

    Any assistance you can provide would be gratefully received.



  3. Hi Richard, any Classic Bluetooth device or BLE device can change it “name” all the time. Based on that you can catch information without pairing. Anyhow, Bluetooth LE has maybe a kind of broadcasting in its specification. If it is specified it does not mean that it is supported by the BLE chip vendors or in the smart-phones on iOS or Android. I will have a look and ask some business friends.
    Nevertheless, a BLE beacon screwed to the wall you can get from at least one of my business partners. Their new beacon is supporting Bluetooth LE, ANT or BLE and ANT in the same time. I will come back, as soon I have further information. Parallel, I will make a sketch how such a system could look like.
    BTW, where do you come from?

  4. Hi, Can you please provide more information like where we can buy the Bluetooth Proximity Tags or if there is any sample source code for connecting to BLE 4.0 for sumsung galaxy phones.

  5. Narine, you got an email with source to the Bluetooth Proximity Tags.

  6. Hi Harald,

    Where to buy this evaluation kit?


  7. Hi Ethan, you will get an email with latest details.

  8. Hi Harald ,

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini for testing this tag.

    Can you please provide source code for Bluetooth 4.0 utility app??

    With regards

  9. Hi Santosh, the evaluaion kit offers several options. One option is to order i with the source code. The source code is not free of charge.

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