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How a good embedded antenna design will look like? EAD#

Embedded antenna design examples

  • PCB antenna dualband – inverted F antenna

    PCB antenna GSM UMTS HSPA

    PCB antenna GSM UMTS HSPA

  • Type: Inverted F antenna
  • Multiband (e.g. GSM 900 / 1800 or GSM 850 / 1900)
  • Easy to tune on center frequency
  • Easy to tune on antenna impedance
  • Size of antenna structure: 50mm x 10 mm
  • Size of ground plane: 50 mm x 90 mm
  • Size of whole PCB: 50 mm x 100 mm

This M2M device was designed by following all important rules of embedded antenna design. The developer got advice by an engineer with skills in antennas and long time experience in development of M2M devices. In this M2M design, the embedded PCB antenna was selected first. The ground plane length was selected by the lowest to frequency to transceive. If you have a closer look, then you will see that there are no holes for screws in the corners of the device. The screw that will be close to the radiator for GSM 850 / 950 will be made in plastic. This will help to minimise the parasitic load to the antenna. Between the GSM module and the embedded PCB antenna is a semiconductor that works as a 50 Ohm switch to an external antenna. The first quick performance test was done by the embedded channel scanner of the GSM module. The scanning of all GSM base station with external magnetic mount GSM antenna on big metal plate parallel to the embedded PCB antenna has shown, that the embedded GSM antenna catch more GSM base stations then magnetic mount antennas. The M2M device is in use in inside vending machines. Even inside the vending machines the signal strength is high enough to save the USD 4 for the external magnetic mount antenna, the drilling of holes at vending machines and the manual work for mounting antenna and coaxial cables. This saves further USD 8. All together the solution saves USD 12 per installation. The size of the first project is 4000 vending machines. This project customer will save USD 12 x 4000 = USD 48.000 with the first vending project.
Do not hesitate to drop an email to harald.naumann (at) to get advice on how to design a M2M device. On request you can get the contact details of this project customer as well.

Updated: 2013-05-13 — 10:50 AM


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  1. Harald,
    How are you Master?
    Very good series of articles on embedded antennas, congratulations!
    If possible, send more info, thanks in advance,

    All the best,

  2. Claudio, I am what I am, because 25+ years ago my boss explained my a lot of in wireless. He answered all my questions. It is time to give something back. Today this is much easier than 25 years ago. BTW, the series is a part of my book “How to design a M2M device?”.
    > How are you Master?
    I just listen to my customers and act to their needs. There is a lot of know-how and experience in my mind. Where to start? What to type first?
    My customers have the highest topic, followed by just write an article about something in my mind – now. Now means wake up in the morming, close to going to sleep or outdoor in a pub in summertime during a business trip.

  3. Hello !
    My name Mr.Dung
    I from VietNam. I want design an antenna for GSM,
    You can help me.
    If possible send more info to my GMail
    Thanks you very much.

  4. Hi Harald,

    Could you send me more detail about the antenna, like a gerber file?


  5. Mucko, even a Gerber file is useless. Your supplier of the GSM module will tell you the details.

  6. Hello.
    Please help me.
    If possible, please share with me information about this antenna (dimensions and other information)
    my email:
    Thank you.

  7. aHi Alexander, the antenna shape is a part of my IoT/M2M Cookbook. It includes a simulation of the GSM IFA antenna in different designs. The simulation includes the results achieved by changing the size of the ground plane, enclosure and further parameters. Every reader gets a detail explanation of antenna shape and will be able to use the learnings for the integration of any kind of self-made or off-the-shelf antenna. The simulation has a value of Euro 3.500.

    The book has a zone for downloads ( ). Here you’ll find, for example, the Touchtone export file of the simulation for an upload to the free of charge software to design a matching circuit. This means you can play with the simulated antenna and will learn what happens as you change components in the matching circuit.
    In addition, you will get access to several Touchtone files, that I have measured with my Vector Network Analyser. You can use these files to simulate matching circuits with as well. You will learn how to optimise without the need for a physical antenna on your workbench.

    Other chapters explain common mistakes made by developers that I have seen during my 20 years experience. As noted above, the feedback of readers and the feedback from my customers projects have triggered some new chapters or additional text in existing chapters delivered as free updates to purchasers of the book.

    I look forward to welcoming you to the community of customers who have saved time and money with the book. I hope that you will enjoy reading it.

  8. Hi, please, send me email pcb design

  9. Hi Dronab, you got an offer by email. The antenna is a part of my IoT / M2M Cookbook.
    Your order is welcome. Just have a look on Maybe our new eval kit does fit to your application. akorIoT + STM32 Nucleo = working IoT prototype on your hands. Example here:
    Best regards from Germany

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