GPS was yesterday, Glonass is today and Galileo will be tomorrow

GPS versus GPS / Glonass with option to upgrade to Galileo

  • Why shall we accept an accuracy of 2.5 meter with a GPS module if we can get 1.8 meter with a combined GPS/Glonass module?
  • Why shall we accept faults of hundreds of meter up to no position, if we can it high accurate even in worst case urban canyon in Dallas?
  • Why to take the risk to locate or navigate on a single GPS module if you can get a double with a GPS/Glonass module that you can upgrade to a triple GPS/Glonass/Galileo module free of charge?
  • What will happen with GPS during a solar flare in 2013?
  • What happens if hackers tomorrow will hack the GPS satellite instead of satellites for earth climate and terrain observation like in 2007 and 2008?

Links and news related to GPS, Glonass and Galileo

Why wait and not place the order for an evaluation kit today? You can choose between a small kit without gyros and MEMS and a big kit that gives you the freedom to test the Dead Reckoning. BTW, the test trip in Dallas was made without Dead Reckoning.

You are still not confident? Just have a look at:
Bye, Bye GPS – Welcome Glonass

In the video you can see the receiving of 17 satellite signals on Youtube. But this is not all. The truth is that it was in a house under the roof. The antenna showed to ground and not to sky. And to top the worst case conditions – we made the test during heavy rain (25 mm water column).

You do not believe it? Ok I go ahead:

  • I can help with a video that shows the heavy rain
  • I can help with the meteorological data in the test region
  • I can help with contact address of people, which was in the room during the test

And if this is still not enough, then you can talk to customers of mine that have seen the new GNSS technology live during this two day business trip. The dialogue was always close the same:
“In this meeting room you will not receive a signal”
Our answer:
“You wait – please give us a minute”
The reaction
“Oh wow, can we place an order for samples and evaluation kits”
Our answer:
“Yes you can, but you have to wait for delivery”

No stock. That was the main reason not to make further noise in the tracking and navigation market. This is gone. There is stock on evaluation kits and samples for your first PCB. There are antennas that support GSM/UMTS and GPS/Glonass as well. GPS is operating on 1575 MHz and Glonass is operating on up to 1610 MHz. You will need a higher antenna bandwidth for a combination of Glonass with GPS.

Nevertheless, if you still have further questions and would like to start the development of your own GNSS application right now then just send an e-mail to harald.naumann (at) or use the form here. I will be glad to share our more than 15 years in GSM and GPS plus 25 years in radio communication with you.


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  1. I’m interesting to know more about your new module,
    Glonass,GPS/galileo.And do you have a tracker ready
    for try and sale ?
    Thank you.

  2. Hi Henry, I have evaluation kits only. The sales started in Sept 2011. It is to early to ask for ready to use trackers.

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