How to charge wireless?

Who can help with a proposal? Who is interested in delivering?

I have the need to make a proposal to charge the battery wireless for several project customers. We found the Wireless Power Consortium:

We emailed the Wireless Power Consortium and a few companies listed on the official website of WPC but got no answer.

The idea of WPC is nice. A charger made by company A can be used to charge a device made by company B or C.
Our idea was to save time and money and not to develop a charger and to use something out of the shelf. Right now we postponed the charger and designed the prototypes without the wireless charger.

Does somebody know a company that is willing to sell a wireless charger? Does this technology maybe fit to WPC? If it fits then who will support us with the components for the charging electronic inside the waterproofed GSM/GPS tracking device?

If not, which company is able to deliver data sheets and components to design the charger and the charging electronic from scratch?

Many thanks in advance for any hint by email to harald.naumann (at) or by form .

Updated: 2011-11-05 — 5:26 PM

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