GPS module versus hybrid Glonass/GPS module

Test trip of GPS versus hybrid Glonass/GPS in Dallas

Dallas is a city with very high buildings. There are a lot skyscrapers shadowing the GNSS signals. The pictures shows trips in Dallas.

GPS 4 to 6 satellites only

GPS 4 to 6 satellites only

The yellow pins shows the trip with a high performed GPS module. It was able to catch 4 to 6 signals all the time.

Glonass / GPS module received 8 to 12 satellites

Glonass / GPS module received 8 to 12 satellites

The blue pins shows the trip with a hybrid Glonass/GPS module. The hybrid Glonass/GPS module was able to receive 8 to 12 satellites all the time. Have a look on the long shadows to assume the high of the buildings.  If you follow the line with the yellow pins, then you will miss some pins. The buildings shadowed the GPS signal, but the skyscrapers did not limit the hybrid Glonass/GPS module to any limit.

Anyhow, we will keep you posted by further blog posts related to GNSS and success stories using hybrid Glonass/GPS modules. For details please do not hesitate to send an email to harald.naumann (at) or using the form here.


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  1. is there a specific library to communicate with arduino and the glonass gps shield?? is Tinygps library compatible with this??

  2. This GNSS module is not available for Arduino.

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