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Thank you for contacting us. More about Mr. Harald Naumann here . Our project questions are:

  • Do you have a company profile or website?
  • What is your planned IoT / M2M application?
  •  Do you have prior experience with wireless applications?
  • What will be the estimated quantities in the first, second and third year of mass production?
  • In which countries you would like to sell your product?
  • When do you plan the start the development, to hold the first prototype in your hands and to pass the necessary certifications?
  •  Are you aware of the number and type of certifications you will need and their costs in your target territories?
  • Will the antenna be inside or outside the enclosure?
  • What will be the size of the enclosure or the PCB inside the enclosure?
  • What kind of supply voltage and source do you plan to use (AC, DC, battery inside with charger etc.)
  • Do you need to outsource the development?

Based on your answers to the above questions we will provide a hardware and software concept outline.

For small quantities we prefer concepts utilising connector-based radio modules. For medium to large quantities we prefer SMT mounted radio modules. All components specified will be surface mount to save money and the time and cost of manual work.
If your IoT / M2M device is to be a GPS tracking device then we will need further details. The hardware concepts to track an eagle, a truck, an expensive asset like oil on canvas or a dog are quite different.
If you plan an embedded antenna on a PCB inside a small enclosure, then you will save a lot of money by designing the device around the antenna. The antenna is the key in any wireless application.

Thank you for your time and thank you in advance for your detailed answers. The more detail you can provide, then the more detailed will be our recommendation.
The IoT / M2M Cookbook listed here is a good starting point to guide you and to help you save time and money in development.


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  1. Hi

    I’m interested in this book. I’m looking for opportunity to learn how IOT works, how to do my own IOT device.I’m looking for Open Source project to work on IOT


  2. Hi Prathap, you got an email. The book describes in detail how to move from an idea to a IoT device in mass production. If you tell me one to three ideas, then I will make you an proposal. The proposal could contain some open source projects in IoT as well.

  3. Hi Mr. Harald,
    first of all, thanx a lot for giving so much of info.

    Like Prathap and many others, I am also interested in the cookbook.

    I need help in designing GSM & GPS antenna for a vehicle tracking device.

    GSM should be PCB trce on the same board

    The device should be suiting to work in India

    GPS should be again on the same board with a ceramic patch (Using LNA from the module & optional External Active Gps antenna)

    The proto is already made but with lot of deficiencies. Please lt me know if you want more info.

    Thanx again,
    M. Ramdas

  4. Dear Mr. Ramdas, I just give back what I got before. My boss shared 30 years his knowledge with me. I do the same, but I use my blog and my IoT M2M Cookbook for sharing. In the book is a GSM PCB trace antenna public. A lot of readers made a copy to their designs. If you like I can help with the GSM modules and with the GPS modules as well. I also can help with a GPS module with integrated GPS patch antenna and integrated switch to an external active GPS antenna.
    Best regards from Germany to India
    Harald Naumann

  5. Dear Mr.Naumann,

    I’m interested in IoT and I want to study about it.
    Can you send me your IoT / M2M Cookbook ?

    Thanks and best regards,

  6. Dear Nguyen, just have a look in your email inbox. You will find an offer.

  7. Hi Me.Harald,
    I am interested in IoT,i want to create my own vehicle based tracking system,could you help me.and could you send your book.

  8. Hi Candru, you will find an offer in your email inbox. I also can help with evaluation kits for prototyping a GPS tracker. At you will find several cellular / GPS radio adapter with Arduino header. The Arduino UNO we use for testing. Prototyping we do on STM32 Nucleo.
    A typical design process:
    Best regards

  9. Hi Harald,

    I am a newbie in this field and I would really like to learn more about IoT, I would like to get a copy of this cookbook, this book would be really great help for me to start with.


  10. Dear Devang, you got an offer by email. Your order is welcome. Just have a look on Maybe our new eval kit does fit to your application. akorIoT + STM32 Nucleo = working IoT prototype on your hands. Example here:
    Best regards from Germany

  11. Hi, Harald.
    I am interesting in PCB antena design for GPSR and 3G modem.
    We need to pass CE certification with them.

    I would like to buy your IoT M2M Cookbook.


  12. Hi Oleksandr, thank you for your order again. The antenna design you showed to me on PCB get tested by my akorIoT team. It works. The bandwidth is fine. Only the centre frequency is shifted but is maybe okay because we tested without an enclosure.

  13. Hi Harald, I would like to read your book ! Waiting your feedback.

  14. Dear Jeremy, Thank you for your interest. You will find an email with an offer in your inbox. Maybe you are interested in antenna matching or antenna design services:
    If you plan an own wireless IoT product then akorIoT Micro and akorIoT Nano are good and cheap starting points:
    Best regards from Germany

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