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MP45DT01: Digital microphone for people tracker, antitheft systems and wireless video cameras

Digital microphone to deliver crystal-clear audio and to eliminate the “GSM noise” in your M2M application

The MP45DT01 MEMS, digital-output microphone enables advancements in sound quality by providing omni-directional sensitivity to detect and filter out background noise. Sound quality can be further improved by incorporating multiple microphones in one device.

Wireless M-Bus module

The high sensitivity provides a range of up to 2 km. The wireless M-Bus module comes with LGA mounting technology. With its ultra-low power (< 1 µA in standby) it supports a long battery life and less maintenance requirements. This wireless M-Bus module comes with interfaces like RS232 and helps with digital / analogue inputs and outputs as well.

GL865 – GSM GPRS module, 24 x 24 x 2.7 mm only

GL865 a tiny GSM GPRS module for smallest M2M devices The GL865 is a tiny GSM/GPRS module (24×24 mm only). GL865 is a dual band 900/1800 GSM/GPRS module in LCC package. It offers ultra low power consumption and an extended temperature range. The small size with lowest power consumption enables the design of tiny M2M […]

Cellular antenna working inside all-metal case

Capacitive-feed antenna that can be enclosed in an all-metal mobile handset case People that know and follow me a longer period already note that I am reading and collecting anything about embedded cellular antennas that looks unique.  My hard disk is full with files about special small embedded antennas. Today I make a text public […]

Wireless M-Bus Portfolio: Chips, Modules, Terminals, USB-Sticks, Gateways

M-Bus (Meter-Bus) is a European Standard for the remote reading of gas, water or electricity meters. M-Bus is also usable for other types of consumption meters.

The M-Bus interface is made for communication on two wires, making it very cost effective. This protocol exists with several physical layers such as paired wires, optical fibber or radio link. The radio variant of M-Bus is called Wireless M-Bus and is specified in EN 13757-4. It is dedicated to the European ISM frequency band at 868MHz. It means that modules embedding the Wireless M-bus stack must comply with the general SRD standard EN 300-220.

Your M2M application ready on Python in less than 1 hour!

The evaluation board „smart-GSM/PLC“ makes it possible The GSM-PLC board is designed to realize development from e.g.: Remote Control boxes with digital I/O‘s Remote Control boxes with analog inputs Gate opener via call by mobile phone Telemetry boxes Data logging Counter monitoring GPRS / GSM burglar alarm and much more On its I2C bus you […]

M2M module: Embedded Linux, ARM9, GPRS module, USB and further Interfaces

Today I would like to show and to talk about a new Linux based application for wireless M2M. The PCB is already in use in several projects. Based on its enclosure it can be used as a final product for end users. It supports a lot of interfaces like SD card / MMC card, GPIO Pins , AD / DA converter, UARTs, USB Device, USB Host, I2C, SPI and JTAG. At GPIO you will find PMW (Pulse Wide Modulation), counters and other intelligent channels.

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