SirfStar 4 based GPS module Fastrax IT430

SirfStar 4 GPS module

SirfStar 4 GPS module

The Fastrax IT430 uses the new SirfStar 4 chip set

With 9.6 mm x 9.6 mm, it is the smallest GPS module with integrated switched DC / DC converter. Parallel to theUART there is a SPI and I2C bus to communicate with the GPS module as well.

The GPS module Fastrax IT430 charges in LDO mode 68 mW and in Switcher Mode 56 mW only. This means 20% less power consumption. The GPS module comes with a kind of spectrum analyser inside. It will show you carrier signals radiated into the GPS module. How this works I can show you during a meeting with you.

The new SirfStar 4 GPS module Fastrax IT430 compared:

  • The switched DC / DC converter in the GPS module saves space, money and energy
  • Competitors: 115 mW @ 3 V and 300 mW at start-up
  • Competitors: Acquisition cold – 146 dbm (by using an external LNA)
  • GPS module Fastrax IT430 cold Acquisition = -147 dBm
  • Re-Acquisition cold competitor – 155 dbm (by using an external LNA)
  • Re-Acquisition Fastrax IT430 cold = -160 dBm with ext. LNA -162 dBm

SirfStar 4 offers a “self assisted GPS ” = CGEE (Client Generated Extended Ephemeris). The GPS module will calculate its A-GPS data independently for 3 days in advance. Then, when your grandmother or your dog goes on the road or in supermarkets the location will be calculated faster. In addition the RF sensitivity will increase. Last but not least this SirfStar 4 based GPS module offers an I2C interface to ta 3D-sensor for indoor positioning.

Do you have an interest to get an evaluation kit with IT430 for Euro 140 only? This kit will speed up the development. In addition, you can use it to compare the Sirf your own design. The Workbench supports more than one GPS module. Without much effort a direct comparison of several GPS modules in parallel is possible.

If you are interested in an evaluation kit, a meeting or a live demo at your office, then just send an email to


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  1. The GPS module Fastrax IT430 is especially well suitable for GSM/GPS tracking devices using 1.8 V internal power regulation. The low-power GPS module consumes only 56 mW at 1.8 V in full operation mode. With SiRFAware standby mode the GPS module Fastrax IT430 consumes only 500uA in average while enabling TTFF of 1 sec. Other useful power saving modes of Fastrax IT430 are Trickle Power, Advanced Power Management and Push-to-Fix modes that can reduce power drain further, even below 10mW.

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