RS9113 wireless M2M combo

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What is the RS9113?

RS9113 11 3 M2MCombo 300x149 RS9113 wireless M2M combo

Wireless Module RS9113 with WIFI 2.4/5 GHz, ZigBee, Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy

The RS9113 is a chip or wireless module (RS9113-11-3) that comes with:

You will get magic seven features to design your next M2M device easy. The RS9113 you can get as a chip or as a ready to use wireless module called RS9113-11-3 with necessary radio certifications.

What can you design with RS113 quickly?

With the RS1113 you can for example easily design combinations of:

Keep in mind that all wireless transceivers inside the RS9113 will end in one single antenna. The protocol stack behind the RS9113 will take care, that the WIFI on 2400 MHz, the Classic Bluetooth on 2400 MHz, the ZigBee on 2400 MHz and the Bluetooth LE on 2400 MHz will not interfere. If you select different wireless modules then they do not know each other. Each module will try to catch a gap in the 2400 MHz band. Think about that, there is not just the WIFI router at one home – there are routers of the neighbours as well.

What set-ups will the RS9113 offer you?

The RS9113 offers options like:

  1. All wireless transceivers controlled by internal MCU
  2. All wireless transceivers controlled by SPI or Uart and AT commands from external host
  3. All wireless transceivers controlled by SPI and stack running on a powerful MCU (e.g. Resenas)
  4. All wireless transceivers controlled by SDIO and the stack running on an embedded PC with Linux, Android or Windows XX

Which M2M applications does the RS9113 cover easily?

Examples for applications with RS9113:

If you want to play with with magic RS9113 as well, then do not hesitate to send me an email (harald.naumann (at) ). I will take care on your RS913 evaluation kit, the right selection of antennas, prototypes and if you like up to mass production. There is a huge amount of engineering offices with skills in HA, tele-medicine, people/animal tracking or any other wireless application in M2M behind me. Just email, contact me via Linkedin, contact me via Xing , contact me via Google+, contact me through Google Messenger, call my landline , my mobile, skype me or just text me on my mobile. I will come back to you for sure. Besides all, this digital virtual stuff I can offer a face to face meeting as well. Thank you in advance for any request.

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Comment from marcelo
Time September 12, 2013 at 11:25 AM

Hello Harald,

I would like to know the cost the RS9113 evaluation kit, including the antennas. I want to developed a solution and this chip fits well.

Best regards,


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