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Wireless Sensor Network IC Shipments Bounce Back in 2010; 645 Million Forecast for 2015

LONDON – September 1, 2010 Demand for wireless sensor networks is showing significant growth following a period in which adoption was impacted by the economic downturn. In 2009, 802.15.4 chipset shipments were down almost 30% compared with the previous year. But according to the latest ABI research report on the WSN market, a strong uplift […]

Is RFDP8 better than BlueTooth, ZigBee, WLAN and other protocols?

RF Digitals RFDP8 proprietary patent-pending frequency agility protocol operates in the internationally accepted 2.4 GHz band. The RFDP8s leading-edge advanced algorithm is not burdened by a heavy-weight stack as is BlueTooth, ZigBee, WLAN and other protocols, which are well suited for cross-manufacturer interoperability. The RFDP8 protocol is highly robust and effective where there is a […]

uC 8051 is dead – Long live the 8051 inside Nordic ISM modules

Creating Radio Applications on 8051 with the Keil C51 C Topics of the application note • Development using nRFgo SDK • Setup of Keil compiler • Getting started with your first application • Debugging your application with Keil compiler • Developing with nRF devices nRF24LE1 – Ultra low power wireless System-on-Chip solution with mixed signal […]

Unlimited number of nodes with and without network mode

A picture tells more than thousand words: • 16 bit CRC data accuracy verification built-in • 32 bit unique factory ESN in every module (4 billion combination security) • Flexible network modes, including broadcast and individual addressing • Switch on/off, logic, remote-control without the need for an external controller • Switch nodes individually addressable without […]