Unlimited number of nodes with and without network mode

A picture tells more than thousand words:


• 16 bit CRC data accuracy verification built-in
• 32 bit unique factory ESN in every module (4 billion combination security)
• Flexible network modes, including broadcast and individual addressing
• Switch on/off, logic, remote-control without the need for an external controller
• Switch nodes individually addressable without the need for an external controller
• Built-in, high performance internal antenna or external antenna
• Peer to Peer (Ad-Hoc) networks and configurations
• Point to Multi-Point networks and configurations
• Multi-Point to Multi-Point networks and configurations
• Selective addressing of any module by using factory built-in ESN
• Fast-turn-around, minimal latency (20 millisecond)
• Patent pending on ZigBee, WLAN and Bluetooth interference tolerant protocol
• Full application protocol runs transparent to the user
• Easy to use, simple to design in
• Stores up to 60 ESNs (Electronic Serial Numbers) for network modes
• Many to one data modes ideal for multi-point data acquisition
• Unlimited number of module nodes can communicate to each other

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