6LoWPAN question: A Low power, what is it good for? Just a waste of time. Everything was already set.

This question came in this morning by comment to a previous post. We’ve been talking of the Internet-of-Things for years, but we forgot to inform our engineers how it will work.

The website of the engineer who commented is showing medical applications. I am able to connect all their equipment to my WIFI network easily. I do not need AC power, because it could run on battery. If we connect their centrifugation with power on AC  to a 6LoWPAN radio module, then this can run as a 6LoWPAN router easily. With the freezers we can do the same. Is their BioPhotometer a mobile device? If yes, then we have to save power. The thermo mixers will start to communicate as well. Last but not least, any device in a medical laboratory could start to communicate. We can access all devices, independent of the supplier, because it is a simple IP communication.

6LoWPAN is UDP/IP riding on 868 / 915 MHz radio. That means you can simply access with any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone to any device. It is the Internet-of- Things on low power by using the well know communication standard IP and if you like with security level on IPsec from end to end.
You just plug an USB dongle to your router or connect the 6LoWPAN bridge by Ethernet to your PC and then you can access to a low power IP based network on 868 or 915 MHz.

For further details see the tags on the tag cloud. Clicking on “6LoWPAN” will help with further details about this amazing technology. “ULP” = Ultra Low Power will show you some other radio technologies. A click on “Bluetooth LE” will route you to the new ultra low power technology that we will have in our smartphones soon. “ANT+” is like Bluetooth LE already in our smartphones and gives further options to design products for our digital future. “WSN” is for wireless sensor network, and this we can create with 6loWPAN or ANT+ as well. Bluetooth LE offers no meshed network and star topology only.

Anyhow, we will keep you posted by further blog posts related to low power radio modules, projects and products. If you cannot wait or have already further questions or would like to get an offer for the 6LoWPAN, Bluetooth LE or ANT+ evaluation kit, then please do not hesitate to send an email to harald.naumann (at) gsm-modem.de or using the form here.

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