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Wireless health care: The next killer app?

The coming convergence of wireless communications, social networking and medicine will transform health care. Is it possible that amid all the hoopla about Apple’s iPad, one potential use has been overlooked? Larry Nathanson, head of emergency medicine “informatics” at one of Harvard Medical School’s hospitals, has experimented with using the device in the emergency room. […]

Will Low-Cost telehealth applications driven by low-frequency wireless spectrum for Medical Body Area Networks (MBAN)?

FCC Mulls Spectrum For Medical Gear The designation of low-frequency wireless spectrum for Medical Body Area Networks, or MBAN, could drive adoption of low-cost telehealth applications for home use. “The spectrums being considered by the FCC include a band of 40 MHz at 2360-2400 MHz, which is a band considered underutilized, or “quiet” right now, […]