Can you believe? RFID tranponder, EEPROM, temperature sensor, RTC, digital logic- all in one chip

All in one: RFID transponder, temperature sensor, RTC and digitale logic

All in one: RFID transponder, temperature sensor, RTC and digitale logic

This chip is real amazing, because it is all in one.  You just need an RFID antenna, what could be a PCB track and a battery. The rest will be done by the logic inside. If temperature logging is not enough, then you can add external sensors  interface. Right now there is a humunity sensor available.

Please feel free to ask for a reference design.


  • Temperature and time logger (smart active label)
  • Transportation and logistics management of perishable or temperature sensitive goods such as groceries, meat, or pharmaceuticals
  • Monitoring of commercial refrigeration units


  • Low component count, multifunctional temperature logger. Only printed antenna coil and 1.5V Battery needed to build Smart Active Label.
  • Command set fully compatible with the requirements of ISO 15693. Designed to communicate with every standard ISO 15693 reader.
  • Additional, external sensor functionalities are optional by using the I2C interface.
  • Logged data are stored in un-powered state.
Diagram of RFID Temperature Data Logger

Diagram of RFID Temperature Data Logger

The ZWIR4121 is a fully integrated, 13.56 MHz, ISO15693- compliant passive transponder IC with an on-chip temperature sensor and wireless initialization capability. With on-chip temperature sensor, and EEPROM for time and temperature logging, the ZWIR4121 is designed to increase the degree of automation and safety in logistics and transportation of perishable goods or produce.
When inserted into a electromagnetic field, inductive coupling provides the energy to power the IC. The on-chip EEPROM can be both written and read based on the energy derived from the reader by inductive coupling.
The ZWIR4121 was designed with low component count in mind. Due to the on-chip tank capacitor, the ZWIR4121 only requires one external coil to communicate with a reader unit. The additional I2C bus connection allows adding an external sensor to the ZWIR4121.
The on-chip timer can be programmed for pre-selection of operating start time and log cycle, hence the log schemecan be modified for a variety of applications.

Key Features

  • Passive transponder with battery powered (capacity &lz;10mAh) on-chip temperature sensor, data management unit and timer to log the sensor data/timing product.
  • Wireless initialization capability
  • Operates at 13.56 MHz with on-chip tank capacitor, rectifier and voltage limiter
  • Communication range up to 1 meter
  • ISO/IEC 15693 compliant
  • 8 kbits EEPROM (720 temperature data)
  • Internal real time clock
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • Interface to external humidity sensor
  • Multi level password protection
  • 8 different log modes

Power supply range :   1.1V to 1,5V
Idle current:    < 100nA
Timer ON:    < 1.5µA
Timer accuracy:    ± 3%
Temperatur sensor (after Calibration):    ± 1K
RF frequency range :   13.56 MHz

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