Merry Christmas – Thank you for orders and recommendations

M2M SIM cards - ask for samples

M2M SIM cards – ask for samples

The year 2014 has just 10 days left. I would like to take the chance to say thanks to all people and companies, which has placed an order for the IoT M2M Cookbook or for IoT M2M consulting with me. I also would like to thank for any recommendation to business partners.

The table of content of the book I made public in January 2014. The book had 53 pages – today it has 85 pages and maybe it will get 100 pages. I follow the wishes of the readers in e.g. Venezuela, Australia, US, Italy, Germany and a lot of countries more: Updated version for download:

With beginning of January 2015 I will be the sales director at . Right now the Tekmodul website is in German language only. I already have more than 20 wireless projects for Tekmodul, and more than 25 % of the projects are outside of German speaking region.

With Tekmodul I am able to support any book reader with wireless modules on an interesting price level. Tekmodul is shipping worldwide.

My focused products in 2015 will be 2G, 3G, 4G and GNSS modules. I can help for example with the world smallest GSM / Bluetooth module on LCC. I also can help with tiny GNSS modules (GPS, Glonass, Beidou and Glonass).

After the first IoT M2M Cookbook the next cookbook will follow.

My second focus in 2015 will be on Bluetooth Low Energy. This product range fits best to my IoT M2M Cookbook with the subtitle “Wearables and Sensor Networks”. Wearables are very often based on BLE. I got several trainings on BLE in the last 36 month. Today I own some ready to use BLE beacons with and without an iBeacon protocol. The beacon is open – you can run own code on the beacon. The beacon has a button, temperature sensor and accelerometer. It fits to a lot of IoT applications. In parallel I can help with BLE modules to generate other products parallel to the beacon. Sensor networks can I cover with SoC and modules on protocols like Z-Wave, Enocean , Wireless-M-Bus, Pear to Pear and meshed net. All protocols will run on the same System on Chip and wireless modules.

With a little luck I will get a new Vector Network Analyser before Christmas:
The “sandbox” of  the Megiq VNA can be used with any VNA. The sandbox is helpful for self education on how to use a VNA.

If you have an IoT M2M project with need for wireless parts, then do not hesitate to drop an email to harald.naumann (at)

I wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a good start in 2015.

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