Home Automation Profile for Bluetooth Low Energy – BT 4.1

With Bluetooth 4.1 we will get an IP layer. If we get IP, then we shall get TCP/IP and UDP/IP as well. A Home Automation Profile is still missing. The only option right now is to use a proprietary Bluetooth profile.

If we follow the CoRE working group then will get framework for a limited class of applications to monitor simple sensors like temperature sensors, light switches or power meter and to control actuators like light switches, heating controllers or door lock too. CoRE describes how to manage such home automation devices as well.

It looks that CoRE is a not to bad starting point for a proprietary Home Automation on top of Bluetooth 4.1.

What is your opinion? Are there options for CoRE? Is there something better? Please another online or by email to harald.naumann (at) gsm-modem.de


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  1. We get a limited IP layer with Bluetooth 4.1 + IPv6 basically with UDP. COAP implements reliability, is REST full etc and works well with WEB services.

    If you like full IP now then go BR + PAN profile.

    Future Bluetooth cores will make LE much more capable in various ways and opens up for new interesting features again.

  2. CORE is a good starting point.

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