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Wireless Technologies for IoT – Antennas and Beacons – training free of charge

IoT M2M Meetup

IoT M2M Meetup

In our first meetup in 2015 we will cover important wireless technologies for the “last mile” of IoT applications. We will learn how senders and receivers aka antennas and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices can be used to build successful IoT solutions.

We cover the topic from different aspects – theory, practical examples plus live demos. The content will be presented by two experts in the field: Harald Nauman, which recently wrote the “IoT M2M Cookbook” in which he explains how to design GSM-hardware and Dr. Lars Binternagel, which has more than 25 years of experience in electronics and wireless technologies.

Don’t miss the chance to win some gadgets ranging from a copy of the IoT Cookbook, some bluetooth beacons and a few other surprises.

Please find the detailed agenda below.


1. Antennas – The key for success in your IoT / M2M application (Harald Naumann
Harald is a recognised IoT / M2M evangelist, blogger at and author of the IoT M2M Cookbook. As a sales director at tekmodul for wireless modules he has a primary interest in implementation of IoT / M2M applications. There will be a live testing of antennas handed over by participants during the event. A small inexpensive Vector Network Analyser will be used. During this event only antennas with SMA, FME or U.FL connector will be tested.


GSM PCB antenna radiation pattern

GSM PCB antenna radiation pattern

2. What is Bluetooth Low Energy – what is it not? What can we do with BLE? (Harald Naumann, tekmodul GmbH)
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is also called Bluetooth Smart, a subset of Bluetooth 4.X. Harald will compare BLE with Classic Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC. He also will talk about common BLE applications like activity tracker, non common BLE applications for Industry 4.0, simple BLE applications on state of the art Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon up to the magic of Apples iBeacon.

What is Bluetooth Low Energy – what is it not? What can we do with BLE?

What is Bluetooth Low Energy – what is it not? What can we do with BLE?

Bluetooth Low Energy beacon vers iBeacon

Bluetooth Low Energy beacon vers iBeacon

3. Practical examples on Bluetooth Beacons (Dr. Lars Binternagel, CompoTEK GmbH)
Lars is into electronics for over 25 years now. He worked with micro-controllers of every kind, embedded systems, multiple bus systems and last-but-not-least wireless transceivers and RF-modules. Up to now he developed a huge bunch of software on different abstraction levels for various applications.
As the CTO of CompoTEK he focuses on new technologies and customer specific RF solutions. These are also a primary interest to him and his team.
In the presentation Lars explains the working principles of beacons and shows some use cases.
After a short dive into the basic packet structure of beacons, everyone with a smart phone supporting BT4.0 (BLE) has a chance to install a free of charge app and to detect the BLE beacon presented and do some basic measurements. In further steps the open beacon will be modified with a customised firmware during the event. The open BLE beacon concept offers every developer the freedom to run own code.

4. Gadgets to win
Everybody has a chance to win a copy of the IoT M2M Cookbook, or to win one out of several Bluetooth Low Energy beacons, or to win one out of several beer mugs. If you win a beer mug and a BLE beacon, then it is up to you to put it together and to detect with an app on your phone the ideal drinking temperature. You also can think about healthy application and detect how often you drink out of a bottle of water. And if you plan a thermometer at living room or veranda – just start to code, because a temperature sensor is already part of the beacon.
And if you love it to hack, then just do it. The schematic diagram of the beacon is not a secret and there are a lot of pins left to wire other sensors. With your own code on your own beacon you can start to read nearly any sensor you like.
After the presentation you have a chance to talk to Lars and Harald and to share knowledge with these two IoT / M2M experts.

5. iBeacons Use case – the Kaltenberger Ritterturnier

With over 120,000 visitors, the Kaltenberger Ritterturnier is the world’s largest Knights’ Tournament nearby Munich.
The visitors can immerse themselves in the Middle Ages and experience the fantastic world of jesters and fools, sutlers, minstrels and knights.
Since last year, the digital experience of the visitors has been connected with the physical experience during the event with over 25 iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy transmitter.

Florian Kirchberger the founder and CEO of SiteForce AG Munich, will provide an insight into the iBeacon BLE based Kaltenberger Ritterturnier iPhone App and the REAL WORLD CONTEXT platform for time-dependent and location-based mobile services and Apps specialized for events, venues and retail stores.


• The event will be on Thursday, 5th of February

• The event will be hosted by Wayra – our location sponsor for this event.

• We open the doors at Wayra’s office in Kaufingerstraße  15, 80331 Munich around 6:30pm.

• The official program will start around 7:00pm and is expected to run until 8:30pm.

• The networking part ends around 10:00pm.

Free of charge registration

We look forward seeing you on the 5th of February! Until then we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Remark:  If you can´t make it and run an own IoT M2M Meetup group or Google user group, then I maybe can arrange the same event or close the same event at your location as well. With BLE beacon (iBeacons) I have endless on very low price. Do not hesitate to drop an email to harald.naumann (at)

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