Smart home versus Ambient Assisted Living

The smart home could address energy saving, fun or comfort. It is often a nice to have. The AAL Ambient Assisted Living is a must in our ageing association. It will save a huge amount of money and help that elderly can stay longer at home. . Staying at home with AAL systems is much more economic, then controlling light and heating. The wireless technology behind is very often the same.

Ambient Assisted Living Conference – Hamburg


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  1. Dear Harald, will you be present at this Conference? I will be very interested to know what menbers and speakers will present at conference. I’m invole in this new development in Italy. I have develop one sample using STM32 and MEMS to assist senior people that live alone.
    Do you think will be available in the future this conferance documentation?

    I’m following you on LINKEDIN.

    Best Regards

  2. Hi Maurizio, maybe some of my customers will stay at the conference. With a little luck, they will help with the documentation. Why to use a STM32? In nRF51822 is already an ARM Cortex M0 included. An M0 plus a special power management. Is the 32 Bit M0 not fast enough to control the MEMS?

  3. I read today the Nordic presentation from yours file.
    They have a good solution and I would like to evaluate before decide the preproduction. Unfortunatly Rutronik Italy is not aggressive like others supplier and I should ask to my Rutronik contact if they are able to support me locally. Nordic service and support seem to be good in write word but I need some feedback from other developers.
    I would like to write some pags of my target project to ask your idea to merge a mix of manufactor for wireless trx gsm gps module to help elder peaple

  4. Maurizio, maybe it makes sense that I take care on the development of your PCB. I am 15+ years in GSM and GPS. I got already 4 trainings on the new nRF51 series. The last was 8 hours in Paris. If you like, then I will select a business partner close to my home for development and production. The software on the nRF51 and on server or the app on a smartphone will be your part. Nevertheless, you can get all from one hand. I am open for any proposal.

  5. I have plan to start a new own company at the begin of 2013. We keep in contact while I learn and study solution on market. I will contact local Rutronik sale office to get offer about Nordic dev kit.

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