Radiation Patterns and Total Radiated Power (TRP) tested yourself

For a few bucks you can get such a Radiation Measurement System (RMS) to measure Radiation Patterns and Total Radiated Power (TRP) from a 3-axis rotation of your wireless IoT / M2M application.

Turn table and special antenna to measure radiation pattern

Turn table and special antenna

While Radiation Patterns and Total Radiated Power (TRP) is usually measured in an anechoic chamber to avoid reflections to affect the measurement, the RMS has a smart antenna design to reduce the sensitivity for reflections. This allows radiation measurements to be made in relatively small lab or your office spaces.

Turn table to test antenna radiation pattern

Turn table to test antenna radiation pattern

A comparison and extensive evaluation at the Philips Innovations Services anechoic labs has shown that in a normal environment the Radiation Measurement System can produce results that are comparable with such expensive anechoic measurements.

Radiation Measurement System – key features:

  • Turnkey system includes rotation table, measurement antenna and receiver and application software
  • Dual polarization antenna and dual channel receiver, needs only one rotation per axis
  • Measures 3-axis radiation patterns in minutes
  • Measures Field Strength, EiRP, Antenna Gain, Total Radiated Power
  • 3D representation of measurements
  • Frequency range 700 MHz – 4000 MHz
  • Can measure multiple frequencies at the same time
  • Can generate a horizontal or vertical test signal
  • Generator-port option allows closed loop measurement of an Antenna under test
  • Real-time power and polarization indicator
  • No calibration necessary
  • Lightweight and heavy duty table option.
  • Can be used in normal office space with moderate space requirements. No need for an anechoic chamber
  • Compact and portable system
  • Session manager for storing measurements and configurations
  • Quality reporting
Antenna radiation pattern test system

Antenna radiation pattern test system

The RMS is so small and light that it fits to carry-on luggage at common air lines. Moreover it is much cheaper than an anechoic chamber.

Radiation pattern of a 868 MHz antenna

Radiation pattern of a 868 MHz antenna for LPWAN

However I will keep you posted with some radiation pattern reports of IoT / M2M devices.

If you are interested in the embedded RMS, VNA, antennas, antenna consulting,  antenna test set-ups up for development of prototypes or final wireless IoT products then to not hesitate to drop an email to harald.naumann (at) gsm-modem.de

Updated: 2016-03-02 — 9:54 AM


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  1. Hi Harald

    Great web site and articles. We are interested in your embedded RMS solution.
    How can we purchase one?


  2. Hi Gavin, I will take care that you will get an offer. Please note that I have interested to support you with wireless modules and with antennas as well. I have my focus on embedded antennas and love to support the difficult applications.
    Regards from Germany

  3. Hey,
    We are interested in the RMS, but our frequency of operation is 100MHz-1GHz(predominantly in the VHF and UHF range). Are there any alternatives for our frequency?
    Thanks for your help.

  4. Hi Shalini, the frequency range can not change. However, I will forward your message to the developer team of the RMS.

  5. Hi Harald Naumann,

    what does the entire system cost? is there any licensing fees?

    clarify if any absorber lining is required1


  6. Hi Jeyaraman,
    What does the entire system cost?
    HN: You will find an offer in your email inbox. The costs are so low that I can finance it by the incoming money of my IoT/M2M Cookbook business. I sell estimated 100 books per year.

    Are there any licensing fees?
    HN: There is no fee and there is a pretty good support.

    Clarify if any absorber lining is required
    HN: In a 3 meter x 4-meter room you do not need an absorber. If the room is smaller than one or two small absorbers could help.

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