GPS helical, chip and patch antennas

Gallery of helical, patch, chip antennas

Pictures will tell more than thousand words.

GPS antenna helical SMT

This inexpensive helical GPS antenna will be mounted direct on PCB.

Quadrifilar GPS antenna

This Quadrifilar GPS antenna will be mounted on PCB as well. Inside the Quadrifilar GPS antenna is a balun. The GPS antenna is operating differential. Differential operating makes GPS antennas independent on ground plane. Quadrifilar GPS antenna are interfering less with human body.

GPS chip antenna

GPS chip antennas can give you the same sensitivity like a 18x18x4 mm GPS patch antenna. The only drawback is the missing right hand polarisation. A 18x18x4 mm without linear polarisation gives you a loss of 3 dB. The missing circular polarisation will give the drawback of receiving of reflected signals. By refection normally the polarisation turns from right hand to left hand. Left hand polarised signal will be attenuated high by right hand polarised  GPS antennas. The listed GPS chip antenna is symbolic for different other.

GPS patch antenna

The evaluation kits contains 10 different GPS patch antennas in same size but tuned in 2 MHz intervals. GPS patch antennas are shifting its centre frequency by changing the size of the PCB, the type of plastic of the enclosure and the distance to the enclosure. After designing the customised PCB, the developer can select by try and error the GPS antenna with the right frequency shift.

Helical GPS antenna

The helical GPS antenna is supporting GPS and Glonass. It fits perfect to the combined GPS/Glonass module here:

The helical antenna is operating differential too. It is offers less interference to human body.That makes it perfect for personal GPS , Glonass or combined GPS/Glonass trackers of soldiers, police officers or fire-workers.

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  1. Hi Harald can you tell me where can I find this GPS antenna helical SMT

  2. Hi Jose, I will come back to you by email. I have several suppliers for different kind of GPS antennas. The gallery of the antennas will be updated soon.

  3. Hello Harald I was also interested in finding the GPS helical SMT antenna.

  4. I have seen it with Pulse antennas.

  5. “The evaluation kits contains 10 different GPS patch antennas”

    This I need.

  6. Hi Kevin, I will come back to you by email. One option is the kit with 10 antennas and the other option is to use GPS patch antennas with tuning service.

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