Bluetooth Low Energy module Anthias

Bluetooth Low Energy Module

Bluetooth Low Energy Module

The Anthias Bluetooth Low Energy module supports the single mode of Bluetooth 4.0. It offers ultra low power on coin cell battery. The module is available with an on-chip Antenna or with a U.FL mini-coaxial RF connector. Anthias is one of the lowest power consuming BLE modules on the market with a peak power of 16mA during transmit and drawing less than 600nA in sleep mode mode. With a built-in 8051 microprocessor, the modules supports the Bluetooth v4.0 specification host stack including ATT, GATT, SMP, L2CAP, GAP. This makes Anthias a complete stand-alone BLE solution with no host needed. Applications and BLE profiles can run directly on the modules. The Bluetooth Low Energy module can be ordered and programmed with customer applications written specifically for their products.
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and its ultra low power is opening up a whole new class of Bluetooth applications such as keyboards, mice, medical sensors, fitness training equipment, watches, TV remote controls, automotive keyless entry, advertising, indoor location, smart energy appliances and proximity tagging.

Features of the Bluetooth Low Energy module

  • Antenna or U.FL RF out
  • 512K Programmable
  • EEPROM for BLE profiles and applications
  • External Serial flash support
  • 64K RAM
  • Watchdog timer and 32KHz clock for ultra low power dormant modes
  • UART Interface
  • 12 Digital PIOs
  • 3 AIOs; 10bit ADC
  • Wake interrupt
  • 2 LED PWM
  • +5dBm TX Power
  • -85dBm RX Sensitivity
  • RSSI monitoring for Proximity applications
  • Size: 22 x  18 x  3 (mm)
  • 25 pad LGA form factor
  • Temp. Range: -20 to +70
  • Power Consumption: 16mA Peak, <600nA sleep mode

If you want to play with with the Bluetooth Low Energy as well, then do not hesitate to send me an email (harald.naumann (at) ). I will take care on your Bluetooth Low Energy evaluation kit, the right selection of antennas, prototypes and if you like up to mass production. There is a huge amount of engineering offices with skills in HA, tele-medicine, people/animal tracking or any other wireless application in M2M behind me. Just email, contact me via Linkedin, contact me via Xing , contact me via Google+, contact me through Google Messenger, call my landline , my mobile, Skype me or just text me on my mobile. I will come back to you for sure. Besides all, this digital virtual stuff I can offer a face to face meeting as well. Thank you in advance for any request.

Bluetooth Low Energy Heart rate demo

Bluetooth Low Energy Security Tag Demo

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