Arduino plus GSM / GPS shield and Google Earth to create a GPS tracker

Arduino with GSM / GPS shield

Arduino Shied with GSM and GPS module

Arduino Shied with GSM and GPS module

A new version of the library and the example program for the Arduino GSM/GPRS/GPS-Shield is available. Version 1.2 allows for both the Arduino Duemilanove/UNO, as well as for the Arduino Mega2560 to transmit the current GPS coordinates in formatted form via SMS. This data can then be entered to “Google Earth” or “Google Maps” without any further conversion and then the respective current location is shown.

We will be glad to share our more than 15 years in GSM and GPS with you. Do not hesitate to ask for Arduino evaluation kits.
Just send an e-mail by using the form here or by e-mail to harald.naumann (at) .

Screen shoot Google Earth

Screen shoot Google Earth


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  1. hi, i am new to arduino so was just curious to make a gps/gsm tracker. Is it possible to get a code so i can try myslf. Thanks

  2. Coding is your part. I can show you the GSM/GPS adapter with some demo code. From demo to real application is a lot of to do.Everybody has his own ideas.

  3. hi , i would like you to show me the gsm/gps adapter and some demo code . i want to make a gps tracket that send an sms .

    thanks for responding me

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